Monday, 30 May 2011

My Daily "To Do" Lists

I love mornings!  Every day I get out of bed early so that I can enjoy a coffee in peace and wake gently before the breakfast rush.  After about half an hour my sluggish brain and body synchronise and I have an energy surge.

It is at this time of day that I start compiling a list of things I would like to achieve.  Today's list includes:-
Tidy kitchen/lounge, clean bathroom, sweep floor, hang out washing, make lunches, kids to kinder and school, gardening, gardening and more gardening, feed the animals, cook quiche, cook meat pie for dinner, bake biscuits, finish new sandwich wraps etc., etc.  Deep down, I know I won't achieve half of this list but at the moment I truly feel optimistic about it and can't wait to begin. 

My biggest obstacle is the fact that I won't allow myself shortcuts.  My pastry for the quiche and pie will be homemade, the flour milled by me, there are no bought snacks to throw in the children's lunches.  The downside of the way we do things is that I haven't a hope of getting through my list.  The upside........ we will produce hardly any waste today, my family will be fed healthy food and I will spend much less  on food than most people I know!  I must remember that if I only get halfway through my "To Do" list, I must not feel guilty for having a disorganised house but should congratulate myself on a job well done!  I am looking forward to today and all it brings.  I can't wait to sit down to dinner with my family tonight and with a bit of luck I will have actually got around to cooking that meat pie : - )

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