Sunday, 4 January 2015

Monthly nine - December 2014

Ooops! Ummm...... I'm a bit late this month.  I won't bore you with the whys and wherefores.  I'll just get on it because you may be waiting to post your amazing, busy, jam-packed stories from December.  This link-up is the brain child of Christine over at Slow Living Essentials.  I have inherited it recently.  Each month we recap what we've been up to in nine interesting categories.  We have plenty of regular people who post.  You are welcome to join in!  How was your Christmas month?

Deep breath from me....  Here goes December.  THE busiest month of the year!


Well.  Let's talk Christmas Day fare.  Mum brought her wonderful potato salad, strongly flavoured with garlic and basil, and some prawns.  One of my friends gave me some homemade dukkah as a gift and we loved snacking on that!  I bought some ham from another friend who raises pigs and cooked a free range chook.  The choices went on and on.

We enjoyed snacks, drinks, a meal, each others company and lots of yummy dessert.  Mum and Dad always bring Christmas Pud and Dad makes a brandy custard.  I made a trifle in an effort to rekindle a family tradition.  Nana always served trifle on the big day.  Mine was altered somewhat and included beautiful blueberries from a local farm.  My eldest daughter, Lou Lou, made her first ever pavlova and it was yumm-my!  You can never, ever have too much dessert!!

I was given some beetroot in December so had a go at pickled beetroot.  I don't know how it turned out yet because I'm saving it for later in the year.

Not me, but my my daughter Belle made a bag for her friend's birthday.  Damn!  I forgot to take a photo.  Guess what we bought Belle for Christmas?  A second hand sewing machine of her very own.  No more fighting with an eleven year old over time at the sewing machine.  Perhaps this was actually more a gift for me?  Hee hee!


Yep.  More soap.  I also went back to using bi-carb and salt as toothpaste.  I've been using an Australian-made herbal toothpaste because the children weren't keen on the bi-carb.  However, Buddy really hated the taste of the commercial product so both of us are using the bi-carb mix.  Not sure how I'll go yet.  Last time I tried it the kids kept getting it wet so I'm trying to be there when he uses it.  I'll try and teach him to just wet his toothbrush first and (with clean hands) sprinkle on some powder.

My tomatoes are looking great!  I'm just waiting for the first to ripen and it's happening as we speak!  I'm out there daily checking for colour.  I harvested my first zucchinis in December too.  Isn't it funny how yummy they taste at the beginning of each season before we become thoroughly bored of trying to find new ways to eat them by Autumn?
Oh. My. Goodness!!!!  December is overly full of CREATE!!  I made giant replicas of tea-bags full of goats poo.  These were special teabags for the watering can.  I made soap.  I made beeswax impregnated wraps to cover food.  I crocheted covers for some of the soap.....  Sorry.  No photos.  Christmas gifts keep me soooo busy that I completely forgot.   I can, however, show you a photo of a special gift from Belle.  On Christmas Day she really, really surprised me when she gave me an embroidered lavender bag that I had no inkling about!  I felt very special.


I haven't spent much time educating myself lately.  I've been borrowing Paullina Simons' books from the library.  They are HUGE books!  But oh so good.


Goodness!  To think I often used to have trouble with this category.  My life has been so full with sharing/swapping food, receiving gardening advice, helping or being helped with transporting trailers to collect manure, sharing recipes...


I'm feeling gooey about our connectedness lately.  We've had several pre-Christmas get togethers with other friends.  While I bemoaned my busyness and lack of time, I love being so involved with others around us.

We also had a special first birthday celebration in December.  My lovely little granddaughter had a party which meant a trip to celebrate.  She's such a sweet heart!


sustainablemum said...

It's interesting to read about the food you eat for Christmas so different from what we eat here in the UK but by necessity as you are in a different season neither would work in the other place!

The goats poo teabags sound amazing as do the beeswax impregnated wraps for covering food. We have real problems with flies in the warmer months so I would love to know how you make these if you have time to share.

I am a Paullina Simons fan too her books are big bunch always such a good read.

It sounds like you had a lovely month sharing so much with your family, I love the lavender bag your daughter made.

Thank you for hosting.

selina said...

wow! you were busy! what a great time you seem to have had too!
all that wonderful food looks totally delicious!
thanx for sharing!
have a great day!

Kathy said...

It is so much fun reading about Christmas in the middle of gardening season! I can't imagine trying to keep up with harvesting and getting ready for the big day! And the menu differences due to the weather differences are fun to see. Thanks for sharing!

purplepear said...

Such a busy but productive time of year isn't it. I just love reading about you and your beautiful family.xx

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Yep I am yet to do my Dec wrap up as well, this week I hope. Sounds like a great Dec. I am on the second Paullina Simons book of the Bronze Horseman series. This a second time around for me reading these they are such a great read.

Loving Learning said...

Lovely to read about your month. Thanks for the link up.

EMMA said...

Christmas and gardening in the same month - that's full on!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time all the same.
Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Your Christmas lunch sounds WONDERFUL Linda, I wish I could have joined you! What a lovely gift for your daughter, I have decided to get better at sewing this year, never too late to start! AND I made some toothpaste - I used coconut oil, so then its runny, and put it in a bottle with a pop-up lid, so you can squeeze some out, I will post about it, but I thought that might help your "getting wet" problem :)

Anonymous said...

very inspiring round up - love the idea of the poo teabags - what a great gift! I heard about beeswax impregnated fabric food covers just a few days ago and made a note to find out more. It is such a good idea.

Evi said...

Whew! I managed to get it done before it got too much into the month!!
It sounds like you had a lot of fun and family during your December too, Linda! Wishing you and your family a very resourceful and relaxing 2015. xx

Linda said...

Hi Sustainablemum, you're right! Can't even imagine heating up the kitchen with roasts and the like! It must be lovely and cosy though.

Thanks Selina. :-)

Kathy, Christmas falls just before the veggies really start producing but it's still busy in the garden at that time of year. It's been hot and dry lately so lots of watering and mulching.

Hi Kate, yes it is a busy time of year. So nice though. Usually I succumb to stress to a degree but not this year. :-)

Hi Fiona, I loved the bronzed horseman series but recently there are heaps of others that I haven't read.

Hi Loving Learning, no worries. :-)

It was a great Christmas Emma and the fun continued into the New Year!

Would have loved to have you Liz! Can't wait to hear about the toothpaste. Bought coconut oil today for the first time. I'm going to see if it improves my hair because I'm struggling with the 'no shampoo' method.

Louise, some friends and I plan to get together to see how we go with making different types of the food covers. I must get around to posting when we do it. I'm determined to find some alternatives!

Well done Evi!! Lol. I'm looking forward to reading your post.