Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sharing my garden in October

I'm joining in with The Garden Share Collective again.  It's nice to look at other people's garden's and it's also a good way to figure out what we should be planting in our own gardens. Pop over to Lizzie's and have a look and see if there's someone participating from your corner of the world.

What I'm planting now.....

I've planted out some more broccoli (purple and romanesco) and some cabbage.  I expect to have trouble with the cabbage moths but I have enjoyed eating the brassicas so much that I can't bear to live without them.

I've planted a punnet of spring onions that I sowed a while back.  I've deliberately left my trowel in the spot I planted them so that I will remember to water them well until they're established.  I have terrible trouble remembering what I have put where in the garden.  The following photo is evidence of that!  I was most surprised to see spring onions come up here!  Obviously I direct seeded two different lots of seeds at different times.  Oh well.  The carrots never showed their heads anyway so in this instance I'm glad I was so forgetful and put the onions there.
I also have a punnet of tomatoes that germinated on the kitchen windowsill that surprised me.  They are labelled kale/broccoli!  I'm very muddle headed with my seeds.

I was given some Jerusalem artichokes which I was told to contain well so that they don't spread.  Hubby planted them in the tank garden which is the only bed outside our yard.  Hopefully the 'roos and wallabies don't wreck them.

I'm holding off on putting my summer seedlings into the ground.  I want the soil to be a bit warmer before I plant them out.  We are still getting cold nights and, while I don't expect more frost, the ground is chilly.
What I'm harvesting now.....

We're still getting a few side shoots of broccoli for the occasional broccoli soup.  The spinach is still going strong and is used in nearly every meal.  We have silverbeet as well but I've not really used it because I prefer spinach while it is available.  The kids hate it and will be glad when the season's over!  I feed the silver beet and kale (which is flowering) to the chooks at the moment.
I've noticed that my spinach and silverbeet are becoming quite holey lately.  A close inspection revealed earwigs.  I haven't found a good organic way of dealing with these but, just today, we have purchased a couple of ducks.  Hopefully they like earwigs?  They'll certainly sort out my slugs and snails!
We have heaps of lettuce which I tend to pick leaf by leaf.  Many of our meals are accompanied by a mixed lettuce salad with violas and marigold petals.  A splash of a very good balsamic vinegar is all that I add.

We're getting enough asparagus for a meal about every four or five days at the moment.  I made an asparagus quiche for a baby shower yesterday.  One young friend raved about it.  I like to think it was my fresh asparagus that made it so good!

We have a few sugar snap peas ready now but not one has passed through the door.  The children wander around the garden munching on marigold petals and peas.  Occasionally they'll pick a young rhubarb stalk and eat it raw dipped in sugar.
Jobs for the month.....

HmmmI still haven't finished that mulching that I told you I was going to do.  Even after telling you how important it was!  So I'd better pop that on this month's list.  I'm also going to keep my eye on the kale, rocket and broccoli which are flowering.  I don't know if the seeds will be ready this month or next.  I hope they don't take too long because I want to collect the seeds then pull them out to make room for more plants.
I'm letting a cauliflower go to seed for the first time and I'm fascinated to see that the cauli gets a pinky purple tinge as it ages.
I'll need to plant all the tomatoes, capsicum, corn etc. as soon as I feel the time is right.  This will either be at the end of this month or early in November.

I'm also wondering about sowing basil seeds again but maybe I should just buy a punnet from the garden centre.  I sowed some but they didn't come up.  I'm not sure if the seeds are old or if my new seed system was at fault.  I came up with the idea of creating a seed bed in the garden.  I popped bricks down to hold a glass window and I figured the bricks would give the seeds added warmth.  I sowed broccoli, kale, beetroot and basil.  The broccoli did well and have since gone in the garden, a couple of beetroot came up and that was all.
My potatoes have come up beautifully but are screaming to be mulched!
Feel free to give me any gardening tips in the comments.  We can learn so much from others with experience.   Happy October gardening!


Zara said...

Such a busy time of the gardening year. Cauliflower sure is pretty when going to seed.
The cabbage moths deterred any brassica plantings here this year.
In my garden I've just pulled up most of the rainbow chard which was going to seed and am awaiting the summer veg seeds to sprout.

city garden country garden said...

Your garden is looking great Linda. I'm interested to hear if ducks will be better than chickens at eating the insects not the vegetables. Will you let them range in the vegie garden?

Not sure if this will appeal to your kids, but we have been making pizzas recently with lots of kale on the top. It goes lovely and crispy in the oven and (in my opinion!) tastes brilliant :)

Lizzie @ Strayed from the Table said...

I thought you had to cook ruhbarb always before eating. You learn something everyday. Not sure what to do about earwigs, i will ask a few of my fellow gardeners in the neighbour hood to see if they have any organic solutions for you.

Lisa the Gourmet Wog said...

Our peas don't make it past the back door either! Nothing like a veg straight off the vine :)

Jac Calvert said...

I like your seed raising idea. I think I will try something similar. I have a terrible habit of forgetting about seeds in punnets and letting them get fried. Potatoes are looking good!

Vintage Rose said...

Hi Linda, My basil seeds didn't come up either so on Sunday at the farmers market I bought 2 punnets. Sometimes it's just easier:)

Krista said...

I'm so glad I read your post today for you made me feel so much better. :-) How I laughed at your seed mix-ups. I do that too!! I'm also glad you mentioned mulching, for I need to do that asap. It's already hot as blazes at our farm. :-)

Melissa L said...

Are those ice-cream sticks you've used as garden labels? That's such a great idea! Thanks for the tour of your garden!

Linda said...

Hi Zara, isn't rainbow chard great! I never get many yellow, orangey ones though. Always more red?

Cgcg, thanks for the kale tip. I'm going to do pizza tonight and will try it. As for ducks, we ran two in the yard successfully once before but when we replaced them, the next ducks ate all my veggies so they had to go out in the orchard.

Lizzie, would love some info on earwigs. There must be an organic solution. (Hopefully the ducks work)

Lisa, so good for our kids to eat food from their own yards!

Jacqui, yeah it seemed like a good idea but didn't work ver well!

Vintage Rose, I think I'll be doing punnets too. Shame.

Krista, I'm so glad to hear other people do it too!

Melissa, the icy pole sticks were another good idea that didn't really work. The marker faded dramatically after a few waterings.