Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Addiction of Spinning

Last weekend, when I was trying to work out how to use my spinning wheel, I called hubby to help.  I couldn't work out the spinning wheel itself - which way it should turn, where the fleece should go, etc.  He is good with machines and 'gets them' so he sat to work it out.  

Yep, worked it out!

Nooo!  Lost it!

Combing the fleece
I was quite amused by the fact that every time I went outside to do something, or sat out on the verandah, I would come back in and he would be spinning.  No, not just working it out for me, but spinning every evening after work!  We have run out of fleece now, but when we get more, I do believe that hubby has found a new hobby!!!  He has a very boysy job and those rough and tough men at work wouldn't believe it!  Hubby tells me the topic hasn't come up at work.  LOL!


Stitchin' time said...

I have known men who spun and their wives confessed to the 'boys' achieving the better finished product! The 'boys' told their mates they spun as that gave the missus more time to knit their jumpers and the missus knitted better than they did :D. A win/win situation.
Looking forward to seeing the rolls of spun fleece and the items you make from them.

Busy mum of 3 said...

I think that's great, your hubby is a champ. What is it with men and sewing/spinning stuff, my husband has often "rescued" some of my sewing efforts when they have gone haywire, there must be something in the male brain that "gets" sewing, my dad was the same, mum couldn't even sew on a button, dad had to do it. (although secretly I think she could have if she tried, she just didn't like it, and as sewing on the odd button was one of the few domestic chores dad did, mum probably just let him run with it! LOL)

angela said...

I think it great for hubby, it probably lets his mind relaxe and not think about anything in particular.
Maybe I should get one for my hubby too

purplepear said...

That's a wonderful image!

Kim said...

What a gorgeous story. Apparently spinning is supposed to be very relaxing and meditative.

Linda said...

Hi all, yes it's lovely isn't it? I'm quite amused by it, and I must say, at this point neither of us are finding anything relaxing or meditative about spinning. Lol. We are very challenged by it! Miss Eight is dying to learn how to spin too so when I get a handle on it I will try to teach her.