Friday, 9 December 2011

On My Mind - Theatre and Scissors

I'm taking part in a weekly  photo feature with Rhonda at Down to Earth.  Post a photo and explain what is on your mind.

Like everyone, I have been madly running around trying to get organised for Christmas!  MY SCISSORS ARE MISSING!!!  I haven't been able to find them for about three weeks now.  Why now?!  Not in December pleeeease!  I have asked everyone in the family, but nobody took them.  Please Mr Nobody, give me back my scissors!  I have been making Christmas cards with a pair of child's spring loaded scissors.

And a second 'on my mind' but I am so excited.  This weekend we are going to see Love Never Dies!  I used to go to a lot of shows but now only see travelling performances that come to our area.  Hubby has never been to one of the big productions and I can't wait to see his reaction.  The big shows are so spectacular, I'm sure he is going to be amazed!

Have a lovely weekend!


purplepear said...

Such beautiful looking presents. I hope you find your scissors. Thanks for the Liebster award, I will get to it soon, I promise.

Kim said...

The scissors are gone forever ...and if you buy more they will disappear too ...even if you have a special drawer for them. Mine always end up in JBs tool shed cutting up wire and stuff that scissors are not meant to cut.
thanks for my liebster award too.... just a few more Christmas functions to attend and I will sit down to do my 5 special blogs.It is such a crazy , but wonderful time of year.

Evi said...

Your excitement shines through in your post!!! Have a beautiful time at your show - I love live ones too and get to see the occasional one. Mostly local theatre groups but boy, do they put on some good ones! x x
And I know all about the Case of the Vanishing Scissors....except where to find them!

Linda said...

Thanks guys and I think I'll buy new scissors today. Btw please don't feel under pressure re the Liebster Award! I just wanted to tell you and my followers how much I enjoyed your blogs.