Friday, 17 February 2012

We Had Rain, REAL Rain

We haven't had a good rain for AGES.........  Master Six (Buddy Boy) and I sat on the lawn the other day and it felt as though we were sitting on a bale of straw, it was so dry and prickly!
But yesterday a localised storm came through....

The gateway to the play area
The flooded laundry floor.  The white patch is the reflection from the window.

The huge winds blew in the screen! 
    Silly me, I was on the verandah enjoying the exciting storm and forgot that my bedroom window was open!  The winds were so strong the rain blew in further than the end of the bed!  The kids loved the excitement of water everywhere.  (And yes, caught out, I didn't make the bed yesterday morning)
The spot where I am suppose to lay my head!
 We jumped into the car and went for a drive to see where all the water was going.  This is the end of our street with the water rushing down the hill!

I swear, the grass is turning green already today!  In about a week it should be a lawn again.  How I love the rain!


Evi said...

It's exciting, isn't it? I love storms but sadly here in Tas they are just not on the plan! When we lived on the north coast of nsw we had sudden wild storms most afternoons in summer and oh they were so invigorating!!!

farmer_liz said...

We had a few storms last week too, seems like real summer weather, HOT days followed by an intense storm. The grass grew a foot in a week!

Busy mum of 3 said...

And the smell, the sweet syrupy smell of rain on hot dry dusty earth, nothing compares to it.

purplepear said...

So glad you've finally got some rain. Last year while every place in Australia was getting rain we got none, so I know how you must have been feeling. But this year we have had heaps over the summer, everything is green and bountiful and I am so grateful.Have just been catching up with your past couple of posts. For some reason I haven't been keeping up!

Dani said...

Wonderful, re-energizing, life-giving rain.

But where did you lay your head last night...? :)

Linda said...

Evi, never occurred to me that wonderful wet Tassie didn't get storms but I guess it makes sense.

Farmer Liz, All those storms must have been the ones we watched passing us by!

Yes Busy Mum, the smell is great but I didn't even notice the smell yesterday in all the excitement of flooding, screens blowing in, lightening, thunder... It was fantastic!

Thank you Kate, it's just wonderful for the garden isn't it? With my little guy at school, I'm struggling with keeping up with posts. I've been helping at school nearly every day!

Well Dani, after much excitement and animated discussion with the kids offering to share beds, we just flipped the mattress and we'll give it a good airing on the weekend. Thank goodness for spare pillows!