Sunday, 29 July 2012

Grandpa's Chair

When my Pa became unwell Nana went out of her way to find a chair he would find comfortable.  She found a couple of different chairs that didn't quite suit before she found this chair.

Well, my chairs, that I bought second hand, are getting too tatty for even me to enjoy now and I recently asked Mum, "Whatever became of that chair?"  YES!  She still had it, and happily gave it to me!

I think it was probably second hand and she covered it with a blanket she had crocheted.  Mum gave me that as well.

The (very) tatty chair
Did you catch how I snuck in a photo of my beautiful granddaughter while no one was looking?!  Well anyway, I love owning things that belonged to people who were special to me.  I just about live in a grotty looking old jacket that belonged to Nana.  The zip is broken (must get to that) but I just tie the cord around my waist and it stays on.  I feel good in my jacket!

I remember going through Nana's things after she died.  We needed to clean up the house and get things organised.  It was a sad day.  Mum told me to take some things that I wanted because anything we didn't take was going to the op-shop.  I chose many things that were simple but reminded me of my Nana.  Even a pot plant pot that I'd always hated, but it reminded my of her.  It was a kitsch little worm with a cute face.  But I knew it so well and it was Nana's.  Sadly, it's broken now.

Nana's wooden spoon and ice-cream scoop (I was served many a cone with  hundreds and thousands with that scoop)

I took kitchen utensils and other stuff.  I have loved cooking with this wooden spoon.  I even have a top of Nana's.  It's not handmade but it's a cream top that looks crocheted.  When my sister died I received so much comfort from my Nana's stuff.  I was thirty six at the time and she had been thirty nine for sixteen short days.  The day of her funeral upset me in ways I had never expected. When it was time to get dressed I didn't know what to do.  What do you wear to your sister's funeral?    I didn't care less how I looked, I didn't want to tizzy up for an occassion I wished wasn't happening!    Neither could I be scruffy. Nana's top saved the day.  When I was rummaging through the drawers and saw it, I knew it was perfect.  I added a brooch that had been Nana's and was comforted by her all day, although she had died a few years earlier.

I also inherited my sister's clothes but, because she was as frugal as I was (if not more), there wasn't much I could wear.  I have loved wearing a couple of items though.  The top in my profile picture belonged to my sister, and she had a scarf that I love but don't wear much because I don't want it to get wrecked.  Maybe it will come out when I next need some comfort from someone who I can no longer have.

I am normally outspoken about how STUFF is not important but sometimes, for the right reasons, it is!


Kathryn Ray said...

I agree with you. Somethings are very special. :-)

I have a my Grandmother's sewing machine and an old glass jar that I keep rice in.

My sister has our Grandfather's chair.

... all very special.

Kim said...

I love old things too. We have many useful things in our home that belonged to someone special . i also have my grandfather's chair and I can see him taking off his workboots in it everytime I look at it.

Energiser Bunny said...

Such a beautiful post Kim. There is stuff and then there are things. Sadly my grandparents died when either before I was born or when I was small, so I only have a few memories. The only thing I have from my grandmother who I knew the longest was one of her rings. I had it re-set and wear it most days (when I go to work but not to the garden).

Linda said...

Hi Kathryn, I keep remembering more and more stuff I have of Nana's. You reminded me, I also have a jar that she decorated with contact!!! You know the sticky paper you cover books with? She cut out flowers and stuck them on.

Kim, I know that you love old stuff. I loved your door handle story. That was special! Memories are great, aren't they?

Hi Sandy, I'm glad you have a ring. That is so special. I wear Nana's ring too. I'm naughty! I wear mine in the garden, but Nana would have too!

Allana said...

Definitly a great reasons to appreciate "stuff". There are lovely memories and comfort in the special things from our loved ones. I get so sad when I hear of families who go through their family members house after their death and just throw out everything. I have "things" from my Pops shed that aren't valuable but are to me, and I have the huge wooden spoon my Nan used for making jams and sauces which I treasure.
I am sorry you have experienced such sadness. xx

Linda said...

Allana, Hi! I love that you kept your Nan's wooden spoon, just like me! And I agree with you - it's sad when someone's life's collection is just thrown away. I love the things I have kept that have memories attached. Thanks.

Lois said...

When my grandparents died I learned that they had stated in their will that I could have anything from the house I wanted.. Since I had just gone through a house fire there were things we needed and took. There was the chair that my youngest spent all his time in with his grandfather (which he still has), a couple dressers, their 50th anniversary photo book, etc.

As time went on I realized I didn't need to be surrounded with so much from them to remember the good times. I have passed on to other family members the things I no longer needed. Today, I wear my grandmother's engagement ring and have a table my grandfather put aside for me that serves as my desk. I still have her blender because it works better than any made today. My children have the dressers and so on.

Linda said...

Lois, how wonderful that you have things from your grandparents AND that you are passing them to your children as well. I bet they knew you would appreciate their things and wanted you to have them for that reason.