Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Setting Examples

I love the idea of learning from each other.  I am often inspired by other people and the way they are living their lives.  Sometimes I learn something small and sometimes it's huge.  It might be a tip like using comfrey tea as fertiliser or big like the inspiration I received from two local families.  They reduced their electricity usage.  One family uses under 3 kWh per day!!!  The other family use around 7 kWh and I remember thinking, "We could never do that!".  However I was inspired and gave myself the challenge of reducing from around 20 kWh to 10 kWh per day.  Our last two bills have been around the 6 or 7 mark!  Way lower than I was aiming for and heaps easier to achieve than I imagined.

I would like to inspire others as well.  We have changed heaps of things we do around here and I intend to write a post shortly about the differences between then and now.

Today though, I am thinking about what a bad ambassador I am.  For years I have used natural cleaners for my home and natural skincare products.  I know they work as well, and often better, than the supermarket products at a fraction of the cost.  Yet I will not inspire anybody or convince them about the efficacy of my methods.  Why?

My house is usually very messy because I am busy.  Busy cooking, gardening, sewing or some other very productive pastime.  I would love to have a clean and tidy house.  I would love it for me, but most of all I would love it because I could then say to people, "But look how well these products work!!!  Why would you pay through the nose for the packaged supermarket stuff?"  And I know that owning all the bleaches and chemical cleaning products in the world would not make me a better housewife!

Instead I would continue to get halfway through some cleaning job and become sidetracked by something much more meaningful.

As for the skincare - same deal!  I'm not one for titivating.  I'm getting something done at home, I'm off to the school or I have spinning to get to.  There's not much time for moisturising or applying masks when the sun is shining and the garden beckons.  Worse still I often go outside without sunscreen or a hat because I only pop out for a minute.  I don't intend to be out there for an hour or more.  Yet before I know it I've seen some weeds to pull and something that needs fertilising etc.  I see myself as very girly and feminine.  I love pretty things and wearing dresses.  I like to use pretty crockery and have vases of flowers.  So I don't know why I missed out on that dose of 'vanity in just the right amount' that everyone else seems to have.

So while I know that my clay masks and agave moisturiser are wonderful, I'm no advertisement!

So I'm sorry guys, I'd love to be a good example, but it's up to you!  Please keep your houses tidy and clean and make sure you look after your skin so that it glows with radiant beauty.  Then others may see that natural products work and be converts to our gentler way of living!

Thanks heaps!


purplepear said...

Sorry I'm with you. I use all the green cleaners, problem is the house is always a mess- clean underneath Right! And as for me well you just need to take one look at my gardeners hands and it would turn anyone off green skin care. So we gotta hope there's better ambassadors than me.

Linda said...

Gee Kate, I hope there's someone out there showing everyone how effective our natural products are! Yes I have gardener's hands too AND I'm proud of them! My nana had gardener's hands and used to tease us by rubbing her scratchy hands on our faces. Fond memories!

farmer_liz said...

haha, I have been wanting to try some green cleaners and write a post about it, but truth is I hardly ever clean with anything other than hot water and a cloth anyway. We have some supermarket cleaners, but I can never be bothered with them, and until I use them up, I suppose there's no point making anything either! And like you, I can think of so many other things I'd rather be doing than worrying about cleaning....

Linn said...

I am ashamed to say that I have a cleaner who cleans for us each fortnight but only the upstairs. I have had him clean downstairs a few times and each time I have waited for him to leave and then recleaned the bathtub with some of my citrus cleaner that I made as his commercial cleaner didn't do a very good job. I used to buy a large array of commercial cleaners but ditched the lot about 4 years ago and now only clean with vinegar and carb soda and some olive oil for polishing.

I never wear makeup only for weddings etc. and rarely dye my hair accept when I feel the need for a bit of pampering which is about everysecond year or so.
I use my soap to wash my hair and carb soda and corn flour for deodorant. The only time I use commercial deodorant is when we are on holiday somewhere. Trying to explain what the white powder is to customs would be a bit frightening! I do tell all my friends about my natural cleaners and some have changed but not many.

Linda said...

Hi Liz, Yes hot water and cloths work wonders. Though I do LOVE my citrus cleaner! Why don't you give your supermarket bought cleaners to someone who would be buying them anyway?

Hi Linn, You sensible woman! I often wish I could get a cleaner in so I can concentrate on important things. I just can't justify it because we're all on one income.

I use bi-carb for deodorant and I think it is wonderful! I can't convince Hubby to use it though. I never thought about travelling. I imagine they might be suspicious!

Lois said...

I went through my vanity stage. I was a licensed cosmetologist and believed the hype that I needed to look perfect as I was selling myself to get customers. Today, I wear no make-up and live in comfortable clothes. I use the all natural cleaners and beauty products as well. I stopped dyeing my hair to hide the grey and cut it short and sassy to distract from it. People do notice something though they tell me I look better and happier. If you are happier, don't worry about being a role model, you already are. Oh and I have plenty of stained nails from the gardens too.

Linda said...

Wow Lois, You've gone from one extreme to the other. I love it! I never thought an ex-cosmetologist would go make-up free!!! I actually had my haircut today. It's been about four months and I went the short and sassy option too.