Thursday, 23 August 2012

the NEW seasons

As everyone is reporting, Spring has arrived!  It appeared during the last week and I have been trying to work out how I know it is here.  You know the second you walk out the door!  The whole world feels different.  So I have pondered - Is it the temperature?  There is definitely something different about the light.  Is the sky higher than normal?  The air feels different and the sounds around me have changed.

I wish I was more observant and could pinpoint the exact differences.  Indigenous Australians have a much more accurate way to describe the seasons.  Here in Victoria, there is no way the year can be broken up into only four seasons!

I can't find an indigenous calendar for our area so I am going to have my own.

I will call this season Gentle Spring (can also be referred to as the Season of Promise or the Season of Anticipation) and it will be followed by Glorious Spring (Season of Wonder, Season of Plenty)!  After that comes Happy Summer (Season of BBQs, Season of Gatherings) followed by Torturous Summer (Season of Exhaustion, Season of Can't Breathe in this Damn Heat, Season of Wilting).

Yep, dam water!  Not for the feint hearted!
Autumn and Winter should also be broken down.  Firstly comes the season I think of as Respite Season from the extreme heat, then fresh, energetic Invigorating Season.  Then it's Cosy Season (when you enjoy the cold and love sheltering in the house with the fire and food), then it's into the Bleak Season.  We sit through this season just dreaming of better weather.  And then the circle begins again!

Do you know, I thought I found winter hard to cope with because I was sick of being cold but, now that we are coming out the other side, I have come to the conclusion that the short days and the darkness get me down more than the cold.

I can feel myself coming back to life!

Hooray for Gentle Spring!!!


Dani said...

Daffodils are my very favourite flowers - a sure sign of spring anywhere )

Our trees are also sprouting buds, even with a morning dose of frost...

jade said...

I love your calendar! Sums it up perfectly!

Lois said...

I was laughing at your calender, this year we never had all the seasons. It went from winter, to dang it's so hot and stayed there. I would love to be able to visit your area just to get to enjoy spring again, and avoid what many around here believe is going to be a very harsh winter as we are at the tail end of summer, wouldn't know it by the temps yet, it's still so dang hot.

Tania said...

I have felt a little the same over the past few months and it can definitely be described as a bleak season here right now. There is no colour, it is cold and windy and the days are short. Though I do love the start of winter. The good part is that once we are tired of a season another one is just around the corner. I love your calender :)

Linda said...

Dani they're one of my favourites too and do you know I've only just put some bulbs in this year for the first time! I hope they multiply quickly.

Enjoy your buds!

Thanks Jade. Glad you like it.

Lois, I'm sorry you missed out on the good spring weather. It keeps you going through the harsh seasons just knowing there's great weather ahead.

Hi Tania, Yes everyone I've spoken to has found winter tough going this year. But you're right. We're lucky to have so much change through the year. I think you get it a lot colder than we do though!

Linn said...

I agree with you about the short days and darkness. I'm one of those people who gets tired when it's dark and wake when the sun is first up so days are really short for me in winter which is not good with so many things to do! Just love the daffodils they remind me of sunny days ahead.

purplepear said...

I love the way you have described the seasons. And I too feel myself coming back to life, and I agree that it's the shorter days that effect me the most because personally I didn't feel that it was particularly cold here this year. But the longer days have certainly seen a change in my attitude over the last week or so.

Jason Dingley said...

I agree Linda, I too think it is to do with more light. If you follow the temperature winter is actually at its coldest towards the end. They call it season lag. The cold I can often do something about, a woolly jumper or a few push-ups to get the blood pumping. But the light, nothing. Artificial light just doesn't cut it. And gardening by touch light, doesn't work, and I have tried. I have just got my vegetable seedling going and am very excited with the onset of spring.

Anonymous said...

I love daffodils too, they are a sign that spring is on it's way. Sadly here in the Uk we are quickly heading into autumn and it will be quite a while before I see our daffodils now.
Love your blog

Linda said...

Hi Linn, Like you I find it hard to achieve everything I need to when the days are short. Gets you down after a while because jobs accumulate.

Hi Kate, Thank you. I'm glad you are getting your mojo back. I've been enjoying reading your posts!

Hi Jason, Nice to hear from you. I should keep records regarding the weather but I'm too busy and too slap dash. And yes, this time of the year is so exciting in the garden. I'm off to check out my seed collection right now!

Hi Notjustgreenfingers, Whew! That's a mouthful! I think I'll call you Greenfingers. It must be hard during winter in the UK. So much colder and darker. Still, I love seeing pictures of the English countryside and gardens. They look so lush. The changing seasons make us so much more appreciative, don't they?

Kathryn Ray said...

This was fun to read... Hubba and I were just talking about how the light and air is different here too... although for us Oppressive Summer is ending and the Respite of early Fall is starting.

Happy Spring to you. :-)

Linda said...

Hi Kathryn, Enjoy the Respite of Early 'Fall'! You'll soon be into Cosy Winter. You'll start knitting or similar as we are madly slogging away in the garden. Aren't the seasons wonderful!