Saturday, 8 September 2012

Why do we need to live sustainably?

As a follow up to my last post, in which I did lots of ranting and raving, I would like people to understand why we need to live sustainably.  As I said, possibly there are people who just don't get it.

So I was mulling over how to explain clearly what the situation is without rambling.   I couldn't believe my luck when I read  Linn's post over at Linni at home.  What did I find, but a short and very clear explanation of the issues!!!

Please watch and enjoy learning from this You Tube clip......

So what can you do personally?  Well, just remember, money is power.  You have power!  If everyone wanted to spend their money by shopping sustainably, then even the corporations would cater to us because, after all, they want our money.

So here's an easy start for you -

  • Take the situation seriously and make some changes
  • Shop locally because it saves precious fossil fuels
  • Stop buying STUFF that you don't need, which will save you money so that you can...
  • Shop organically because it improves the health of our planet
  • Cook from scratch because processed food wastes many resources like electricity and petrol
  • Grow your own veggies
  • Get to know others who are trying to live sustainably.  You can work together on ideas.

If everybody started doing these simple things, we would be well on our way to ensuring a future for our children.  You don't need to radically alter your lifestyle overnight.  Just start making some changes and once they become a normal part of daily life, make another change.  And don't stop making changes!  Gradually you would get used to living differently, more thoughtfully.

So every time you spend some money, stop and think, "Am I using my power wisely?"


Anonymous said...

I always find your posts inspiring and they motivate me to do more in following this lifestyle I strive for.

farmer_liz said...

yes, that vid is so much better than trying to explain it yourself! I always struggle, it just seems to obvious to me, its hard to explain. I like your list of action steps too.

Anonymous said...

I have found that a lot of people could care less about the sustainability of the planet. They don't bring their own bags to the store, they don't worry about how much goes in the trash, etc. To those people I try to set the example to show them the savings I get from what I do. When someone asks me why I worry about how much I toss in the trash I tell them about how only using a couple of trash bags a year saves me lots of money. They stop to think about that when they think about how much they spend on trash bags each month or year.

I keep hoping my little things will add up. My son keeps telling me the economy is going to crash big time soon as the country can't continue to overspend like it is. My response is to tell him that the only way to make sure his family does fine is to invest in the local community through living more sustainably. His wife is starting to get it and he's big on growing his own food, so maybe I've made some impression there.

When you can't reach people on the issue of sustainability try suggesting things that talk to their pocket book: Shop at the consignment stores to get good quality clothing for a fraction of the cost, buying regularly from our farmer's market means the vendors will talk about how well they do and more people will come to sell their surplus even if they only add a few extra plants in a home garden to make a little money from.

It is hard seeing something, like the damage we have done to the planet and our own bodies, that other people want to ignore isn't it?

Astra said...

i loved this post, i love reading about what others are doing and why, i like feeling that we are not alone/insignificant, it really is a huge movement and everyone who is doing something is helping change the world :) a nice little reminder, thanks :) x

Bridget Coyne said...

Great Post Linda - you are an inspiration :) Thanks so much x

Linda said...

Hi Sarah, Thank you. What a lovely thing to say!

Hi Liz, Yes the video is great. Why don't you pop it on you blog and facebook? The more people that see it, the better!

Hi Lois, it's sad, but you're right, I should appeal to their wallet/pocket book. Good on your son and his family. You've done a good job!

Thanks Astra, Do you know, that point hit me too. It's comforting to feel a part of a growing movement rather than a lonely little person growing veggies.

Thanks Bridget, I hope all is well in your world. I haven't seen a post for a while so I guess that means your nice and busy!