Monday, 28 January 2013

Slow Living Month 12 (December)

Each month of last year I joined in with Christine at Slow Living Essentials for a wrap up of the month just gone.

I am so late this month but here it is!  This is my account of what I achieved (or not) for December.

Nourish - I didn't make much sourdough this month.  I was a bit overwhelmed by Christmas.

Grow - Kale. That's about it.  A couple of beetroots and a few onions.  The strawberries were terrible despite my re-organising the bed and then something ate the lot when we took a four day holiday. The garden is not well and I am spending this month working on all sorts of different ideas.  We are re-digging some of our garden beds and resting them.  We're putting together a wicking bed and I hope this coming December I will have a more productive garden.  I intend to just keep at it until I get it right.
Prepare - I spoke to my daughter Lou Lou on the phone tonight and she asked, "Mum, on your blog, what's that category for when you keep stuff?  Because I've done well in that category."  So I'd like to venture outside the usual format and share her achievements.  I am so excited that she is keen to become more sustainable and has made some major inroads over the last year.  She has made her first batch of jam and has grown and frozen basil.  Lou Lou, I'm so pleased that you are a sensible, down to earth mother and that you are enjoying learning new skills.  I can't get over how well you can sew!
Lou Lou made this dress!  So cute!
Reduce - We made a brooder box from an old cupboard.  We were very careful with Christmas presents.  Most were homemade and produced no rubbish.

Green - I made soap for Chrissy presents and (this is UN-green) I've been wearing my old perfumes.  I decided that it was silly to let them go off while I was using essential oils instead.  The oils will keep indefinitely so I'll finish the old perfume first.  I have a story about wearing it though.  We haven't used chemicals around the house for so long that we are becoming very sensitive to smell.  Hubby sat with me after work one night complaining that he could smell a weird smoke smell.  He went on for about fifteen minutes about how it smelt and finally said, "I know!  It smells like a mosquito coil."  That's when the penny dropped for me and I asked if it was my perfume.  Yup!  It was.  He is still living it down.  It was a very good perfume but when you are unused to artificial fragrances you smell them very differently.

Create - I knitted face washers to go with my soaps for Christmas and knitted a pair of fingerless gloves while we were camping.
Discover - I've been learning a lot about wind farm issues over the last couple of months.  I hadn't realised they were contentious before now.  While I had heard of people near the Waubra wind farm talking about wind turbine illness I didn't realise people often get upset when they hear there are farms proposed nearby.  There seem to be groups of anti-wind farm people that stir up emotions and fear where ever a new wind farm is proposed and talk of these groups being connected to mining companies.  Hmmmm!  If you are interested it is well worth a read of this site.

Enhance - Nope.  Not much happening here.  Oh well, I have heaps of stuff coming up this year for this category.

Enjoy - Surely this will be the same for all of us but I really enjoyed Christmas.  I love the day itself though the preparation gets me stressed.  How lovely to put a day aside to catch up with the people we love.  It was wonderful!  And we had a ball on a camping trip with the kids and my parents came too.  We camped by the Murray and relaxed.
All in all, December wasn't a great month for me.  I felt quite stressed and felt I didn't get around to doing the things that were important to me.  One of the benefits of this monthly review is to be able to look back, assess and decide where things could be changed in future!  Here's hoping for a good December next year!


Dani said...

Dunno - but it looks to me like you had quite a full month. Ease up on yourself, Linda - tomorrow is another day :)

What I've decided for this year is to use all those "inside" winter months to prep whatever I can for the coming festive season. That way I should be able to take it all a little easier.

purplepear said...

I like the idea Dani shared about using up winter months for inside stuff, but the trouble is that it doesn't really get cold enough here for that to be applicable, and agree that you need to be kinder on yourself. you are a fantastic role model just take for example the example you have set for yoyr daughter LouLou. You must be very proud of her.

Evi said...

I was just wondering today if it was too late to do a Slow LIving post for Dec and did I have the time to do it anyway! Like you, there would be some empty categories and some a little fuller!!!
It's not easy being kind to yourself when there are a LOT of tasks waiting to be done, is it? But you know for all those things that don't get done, there are many more that do....... and whats more, our children see us doing the best we can and that counts for a lot!
Well done to you for your daughters achievements, well done on the garden bits, great work with the homemade Christmas gifts...... and the cooking and cleaning and making from scratch and......
Take it easy sometimes....!

Tracey said...

Laughing at your perfume saga! I haven't used shampoo and conditioner for nearly 12 months and chucked a bit of conditioner in my hair the other week. I had to open the shower door to let out the 'fumes'! When did these things, that we used to like the smell of, start smelling rather like petrol fumes? I'm wondering if our now chemical free, un-smelly state is actually offensive to our friends who walk around coated in chemicals ......

Christine said...

Oh that is the sweetest little dress your daughter has made, Linda, it's just gorgeous!

Funny tale about the perfume too..isn't it strange how sensitive our noses are when we cut out the artificial fragrances? Daughter #1 has taken to wearing perfume and it's really hard to hop in the car with her after she's been 'squirting'.

Your camping spot looks most serene. x

Linda said...

Dani, Ha! Last year I decided to use the winter months for that purpose too. But it didn't seem such a priority in winter, and other stuff seemed more important. Good luck with it!

Thank you Kate! You are lovely!

Evi, thank you for 'getting it'. Yes there's heaps else I get done. I have high expectations at Christmas time but it's such a busy time of year.

Tracey, That's a good way to describe chemical smells... like fumes! And an interesting thought. I figured I don't smell of anything but it's quite possible I smell like horse poo!!! Oh well, Hubby obviously finds it ok. Lol!

Cute, isn't it Christine. And I pity you the car experience. I so hope my girls don't choose the perfume option but I suppose they will!