Saturday, 30 March 2013

The lead up to Easter

We've been working on a fundraiser for the last few weeks.  It was held this Thursday.  It kinda took over our lives a bit!  We raised double last year's amount though and I'm very happy with that.

I discovered the best way to raise money was to hand Buddy Boy the tin.  Hardly anyone acknowledged me but they were very generous when Buddy Boy jumped in front of them with his line, "Money please!".  The money raised goes to Down Syndrome Victoria and they do a great job!
 He wore out after a while though!  Good job Buddy Boy.  You did well!
 Yesterday I finally had time to spend at home.  I made tomato sauce....

while I waited for sour dough to rise.
 Then we had a little bonfire out the back.  I don't imagine any of you don't follow Milkwood already (if you don't, you probably should) but I saw this idea for a fire on their site.  An upside down fire!  I enjoyed Belle's reaction.
 "But you make a fire like this Mum!"
 "Look Dad.  Mum's done it completely wrong!  It's upside down!"
 "Are you serious?!  Maybe you're pulling my leg."
 But it really does work!  You put the larger logs on the bottom and the smallest stuff on the top and it burns it's way down.

We saved the onion skins from the tomato sauce and today we had a try at dyeing Easter eggs.  We made one dye from onion skin, one from turmeric and one from beetroot.  Then we tried to stick leaves on them with egg whites to make a print.  Trouble is the leaves fell off as soon as we submerged them in the dye.
 Judging by the look on Pumpkin's face, this activity may be better suited to ten year olds (or children of a more patient temperament).

They didn't turn out quite how I expected but we like them anyway.  They're very 'rustic' and we had fun making them.
Have a lovely Easter everyone!


tylasnan said...

Linda I just wanted to tell you and Buddy Boy how much joy I get everytime I hear of something that he has done. He makes my day!

Busy mum of 3 said...

I've never heard of Milkwwod before, I must have a browse.

Kim said...

Happy Easter to you all.
Love the bonfire idea, I will try that this winter.

Linda said...

Tylersnan, Thank you for telling me. That's lovely to hear. He's a pretty cool kid most of the time!

Cheryl, they are a permaculture farm and hold courses. They are always trying new and different things and are well known in permaculture circles. So much to learn by following their posts!

Hi Kim, Happy Easter to you too (belatedly)! Do give it a try. It's kinda fun to light the fire the wrong way.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Who could resist that big smile asking for donations. And I think you got the fire right. I have found the only downside is it can take a long time to burn out which you have no control over.