Tuesday, 2 July 2013

No Such Thing as Waste

Addendum* Uh oh!  Looks like the video's not showing up on iPhones or iPads.  Try here.*
I've mentioned before that my favourite permaculture principle is 'produce no waste'.  We're certainly not at the point of producing NO waste but we've  reduced how much we produce quite dramatically.  My nana always used to use the saying, "Waste not, want not" and I love it!!
Sooooo... have you heard of the group Formidable Vegetable Sound System?  They've written a song about my favourite principle!  I love their CD the Rhymer's Manual.  It's a fun collection of songs that covers all twelve principles of permaculture. 
I challenge you to listen to the lyrics and ukulele on this song -There's No Such Thing as Waste - and not find yourself singing it in your head for the rest of the day!

You can buy the album here.



africanaussie said...

oh that is a very catchy tune!

Farmer Liz said...

Great song, I love clever lyrics :)

So are you joining plastic free July Linda??

Busy mum of 3 said...

LOL That put a smile on my dial!

Lynn said...

Maybe if we all had to live with our waste for a little longer than we do it might make people stop to think about it. Very catchy tune!

Kirsten McCulloch said...

Oh Linda what a fab song! I am going to be playing that to my kids, they will love it (especially my eldest).

Thanks for sharing it :)

Linda said...

Good isn't it! There are lots of good songs on the CD.