Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wintery blast

Yesterday was 36c (we were sweltering) and today, right now, it is 13.4c cold degrees!  Tomorrow the predicted maximum is a mere 16c!!

We have been loving the change in the weather.  Our activities tend to change according to the feel of the day...
The garden was very grateful....
and the ducks played all day.  They ended up falling asleep on one leg!!!
Children were looking for recipes...
and chose to make Christmas biscuits in the end.  Not a bad effort considering I wasn't involved except for putting them in the oven.
We all had a giggle when we saw the dinosaur biscuit.  He must have got hungry while he was cooking!
We even lit the fire and it added to our cozy mood.
I finally got around to some Christmas creating.  (Yes.  I know I'm off to a late start but it's been busy!)
The boys treated the day totally differently to us.  No hiding away from the cold for them!  They donned their jackets and headed out to work!  Bless them!
They've washed up heaps of bottle and jars.  We're dreaming beer and jars of tomatoes!  Thanks guys.  Job well done!
Do you find that your activities change due to the heat or cold?


Rambling Tart said...

I love the dinosaur cookie! :-) Yes, I definitely alter with the weather and I've really loved the cooler days up here in Queensland. :-) Not quite like the Decembers I grew up with in Canada, but I'll take 'em!

Linda said...

Hi Rambling Tart, gee Canada to Queensland must be hard to adjust to! I used to love summer but I'll take the cold anyday now!

Evi said...

Ugh, Linda, not me!! Since moving to Tassie I seem to have been permanently cold and I'd love a nice hot summer!! That means a top of 30 here on the odd day!!
Yes, I hibernate inside when it's cold out, which means more cooking, crafting and cleaning! Warm days are gardening or a bit of lazing in the sun ;o)

Busy mum of 3 said...

What a contrast in temperature!
You'd have to change your routine to suit the day there.
Even though it's not cold on the North Coast by a long stretch, I found myself making an oven casserole a few days ago, I just felt like something "homey" and nourishing, funny isn't it.

Kim said...

Yes we have had the temperature extremes here. I can't believe I had the fire going in November.
Your post has made me feel all Christmassy , loved the dinosaur cookie.Oh and , they do grow up so quickly ...I do the birth reminscing thing too!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

He He that dinosaur is so funny. It was 36 today and then a storm blue in and helped drop the temperature which was great but the 50 km nd hour winds were not needed.

Anonymous said...

Wow 16 degrees C. Lovely. Last night here in central Canada we had MINUS 27 deg C. Brrrr

Linda said...

Evi, I envy you your climate and rainfall. I dream of Tassie every summer! Oh the gardens!!

Busy mum, absolutely! Nice warm casseroles, soups and in my case, puddings. Yumm, comfort food...

Kim, I know! We had the fire going in December?! I think your birth reminiscing comment was meant for Evi though?

Fiona, winds are the pits! They dry out the garden so quickly!

David, your comment made me laugh! How easily we forget about different climates around the world. That sounds too cold for human habitation! Stay warm!