Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A good start

Autumn has begun.  We have come through the first month.  I love Autumn!  Finally the weather is easing.  The unforgiving, burning, parching, exhausting heat of summer is leaving now that we have passed the Autumn equinox.  Once again I have energy as I look around me.

I feel good as I anticipate the changing of the season; the leaves turning on the trees, dropping to the ground to create humus for the soil.  I feel good as I anticipate the cold; starting gently, it begins as crisp days suitable for digging, creating compost, starting to repair the damage that summer has wrought.  Gradually it becomes colder until I need to retreat inside to sit in front of the fire.

I LOVE Autumn!  Bring it on!!!
On the weekend, I took part in a work-shop where we learned to preserve tomatoes for the winter.  On a practical level, it was great because I now have some tomatoes on my shelf.  On a community level it was fantastic because I was working alongside people I know and others that I was meeting for the first time.  I love connecting with people.  I also gain a very strong sense of security in knowing I'm not the only person trying to reduce packaging, cook with less waste, reduce usage of fossil fuels etc.  These type of workshops reinvigorate me!
Tomorrow I plan to travel to buy more tomatoes from an orchardist.  Then I will attempt to finish bottling enough to see me through the winter.  Wish me luck!
We have also begun our experience of WWOOFing.  Our first WOOFer arrived on Sunday, only for us to discover he was not registered. We have now sorted that out and we are having so much fun!  For those who may not know, a WWOOFer is a Willing Worker On an Organic Farm (though I believe they have recently changed the meaning of their acronym).  Generally someone from overseas, a WWOOFer is looking for an experience on a farm.  They receive food and lodgings in return for a few hours of work a day.  We benefit because we are often short on time or money (or both) and by learning about other cultures, and they benefit by having a friendly, welcoming family to stay with while learning about Australia and organics, for example.
We are thoroughly  enjoying our new Italian friend and the kids think it's great.  They think it's funny to watch their mother communicate through mime and drawing pictures!  Somehow the children are able to get away with less communication, while still forming good friendships. 
 This month I thought I could see a change in the activity of insects.  I saw a swarm flying near our house.  Luckily I called the children so they could explain these were actually fairies, not insects!!  Can you see them in the photos?  Little and white.
 The biggest Autumn news......  We had rain.  REAL, fair dinkum rain!!!!!  Two days ago - and look at my barren paddock today!
I love Autumn.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful! Autumn is such a beautiful time isn't it!
I wouldn't mind a post about how you make your tomatoes, and the method by which you bottle them...please... :)

Suzie Simplelife said...

What a great idea WOOFer's . haven't heard of them before....makes me wish I had a farm !!