Monday, 14 April 2014

Herbert Peabody

More and more these days, interesting opportunities seem to come up for our family.  Maybe it's because, although we're very busy, we can be flexible with our time.

Last week the children were invited to a radio station to meet with a children's author.  It was a great experience for them.  While they were initially very timid and really didn't say much throughout the whole show, it was a great learning experience.  I like to take them out of their comfort zones and it was good for them to see what a radio station can look like.
The author was Bianca C Ross and she was lovely.  She spoke about her book for a while - Herbert Peabody and His Extraordinary Vegetable Patch - and then read to the children.  They were eating out of her hand by the end of the interview (though still not very forthcoming with any vocal interaction).
I really wanted to tell you guys all about it because I think this book will be right up your alley!  It's a book about a farmer who has a huge veggie patch.  He's right into his veggies, just like you and I, and it's a great story in chapter book style. 
A friend of ours had her five year old daughter there too so I can tell you that this book had all age groups entranced from five through to eleven.  Belle (eleven years) loves a book that relates to our lifestyle and Pumpkin (seven years) just loved Herbert Peabody!  She came home and wanted to be him.  She dressed in her farmery-est clothes and went out to play.
 I think it's fantastic to see authors writing kids' books that relate to gardening, real food and sustainable living.  This book will be released on the first of May in bookstores but you can also purchase it online.
There is also a website with printable pictures to colour in and even a blog about all-things-garden.  I love it when my kids get enthusiastic about something like this.
If you do get a hold of a copy, don't forget to let me know what you think.


Dani said...

Ah, bless Pumpkin - she looks just like Herbert Peabody :)

Kim said...

What a wonderful experience for your kids. I think it was probably just as wonderful experience for the author to see the children in raptures over her book.

Cheryl said...

I'm sensing a Christmas gift idea here! Thank you!

Linda said...

Isn't she cute Dani! Love how she enjoys playing a part.

Kim, I can only imagine being clever enough to write a book children would enjoy!

Yes Cheryl, I reckon I know someone who would enjoy this book as a pressie!

Herbert Peabody said...

It was such a wonderful day! Herbie loved meeting your gorgeous kids!