Saturday, 19 April 2014


I'm feeling gooey about life.  It's easy to feel gooey when you're on a break with the family.

This week I'm loving lots of things.  I love having time to play with my camera. I tried to capture the morning light.  I failed dismally but had such fun in the process.  Hopefully, one day, I will find a photography course near me.
 I love having generous friends who deliver homegrown goodies to your kitchen workbench while you're out.
 I love the smell of the apple cider vinegar as it develops.  I think it's working!  I might start another batch today if I get time.
 I love devoting snatches of time to making something new for one of my girls.  I have illusions of actually finishing this project!
 I love finding our resident echidna at the door of the shed.
 I love cooking with children.....
 and eating the resulting macaroons!! 
 I love harvesting apples from my own trees.  Year by year it gets better.  Some years are good, others bad but gradually we go forward and our harvests are getting bigger.  Had I beaten the birds, we would have had three times this amount.  They discovered a hole in the netting at the eleventh hour.
We've been visiting family, socialising with friends and living life to the full.  What's not to love?!
I hope you're having a wonderful Easter break.  What are you loving at the moment?


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Children, Friends, Wholesome Homemade Food and beautiful views.. Whats not to love indeed ?! Those macaroons look good. It's years since I made macaroons and with an invasion of sundry children this weekend I might just find out the recipe. Have a Happy Easter Linda.

Zara said...

The apple crop here is rather small this year. I'm hoping to pick what remains and stew it with rhubarb that I picked today during a vegie patch clean-up.
I'd love to find a good photography course around here too.

Tracey said...

The things I'm loving look a little bit different, but similar in so many ways. Photography course or not, I'm loving that morning gate photo :)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving making progress on the orchard here. A friend has been cutting down the poplar trees and once they're gone we can get the excavator in to pull out the stumps and THEN I can order my huge amount of mulch, dig my tree and espalier post holes, buy my trees and plant them out. :)I'm close. VERY close! :D
I'm loving that we're nearing time for our sheep to head to freezer camp. I am fearing and dreading it happening but looking forward to ethical lamb raised right here at Cavae. I'm enjoying the glorious autumnal days, cool enough to light the fire at night but warm enough to enjoy the solar spills in the garden and I'm enjoying life in general too. :)

Linda said...

Gill, I had a great Easter. Thank you. We found our macaroon recipe in a kids book and they're incredibly easy! You don't beat the egg whites, just mix them. So easy for kids but still VERY yummy!

Zara, I hope your stewed apple and rhubarb was good. Did you make a crumble? I'm a big fan of fruit crumble!

Thank you Tracey. I glad you're loving life too.

Rabidlittlehippy, I'm loving how much you're loving! Your comment made me smile. You have so many good and exciting projects happening!