Tuesday, 29 April 2014

On washing windows

I washed the windows in the kitchen and lounge/dining room this week.

If, like me, you are not very into actual, fairdinkum housework you may be under the impression that there's not much to washing a window.  Just grab a lint free cloth and your homemade citrus vinegar, shine the window (or in my case scrub the window) and you're done, right?

Well I'm here to tell you that it's not that straightforward.  I discovered heaps of pitfalls along the way.  Firstly, I only wanted to wash ONE window.  I discovered to my horror that, although I had been living with filthy windows for ages and didn't even notice them, once I had one shiny, sparkling window, the others looked HORRENDOUS!!  Suddenly they were all I could see and the windows seemed to be closing in on me with their dirty blobs, water splashes and fly poo.

There was only one thing I could do.  I attacked the other windows.  I figured that would make me feel good.  They would all be clean and shiny.  How nice!  ...........How very naive of me. 
The second the last window was cleaned, I looked out expecting to savour our views.  It was not to be.  All I could see was the mess outside.  I had unwittingly invited all my incomplete outside chores to come in and weigh on my shoulders now that I could see them so clearly.  I shrugged them off huffily, then noticed the grime all over the frames and sills of the windows.  They looked filthy in comparison to my beautiful windows (framing my outdoor pigsty).  By now I was becoming very alarmed.  What had I started!!  A never ending job that would lead to another, and another, and another small job!
Housework has no beginning and no end.  It doesn't get the animals fed, educate the kids or put food on the table.  Finally the windows were all done so I looked around me, feeling like a supermum!  Hmmm.  Dare I lift the couch cushions now that I'm being so diligent?!

So you have been warned.  There is nothing simple about washing your windows.  It is bigger than Ben Hur.  Do it at your own peril.


city garden country garden said...

You're so right about this Linda! I was recently given some potted succulents as a gift and immediately thought they'd be perfect on the windowsill in the Dining Room. But then I looked at the window, and then the outside of the window, and then all the other windows in the adjacent room... yep, several hours later, every window in the house cleaned inside and out (for the first time in years to be honest..shhh!). The succulents do look good there though!

Cheryl said...

Ha Ha so true!
My windows don't get washed real often, but when they do I agree, HUGE JOB!

GC said...

So very true. I can cheat and pull some sliding screen doors over to hide a couple of panes, but it's a big job. And when the sun shines in, you then see whether you did a good job or not. Your job looks very good!

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I really relate to this. Housework is usually at the bottom of the need-to jobs, what with animals and suchlike to see to. Then when I DO get around to it I'm appalled at how bad it has got. Windows, huge ironing pile, kitchen floor... I could go on!

Lynda D said...

I have a girl friend that visits that always gives me a rundown of the housework she has done and when she leaves she is usually going home to clean the fridge or cupboards. Is she trying to tell me something? My garden gets more attention than my house and despite its squalor (not really) her family eat at my house more than we so at hers.

Joy Belle said...

A friend and I were once talking about this issue - housework - ad we both have better things to do in life. She told me that she tells her other friends that she keeps her place in a mess so that when they go home they can feel good about themselves - she is doing them a favour by not having sparkling clean windows/floors/etc.

I loved this attitude.

africanaussie said...

Oh yes! I was showing my brother a frog outside the window with my skype camera and realized how dirty the window was..... First thought was that I should wash the windows. Luckily I have been so busy gardening that I forgot about it. I could have fallen into the same trap that you did!

peggy said...

My reason is because I do not wish the birds to hit the clear window panes - which they used to do - and sadly some got killed. very sad.
But they learnt not to crash into the glass because I painted the outlines of all the ones which crashed into the windows.
But now I would like to clean the windows - well every so often preferably not too often. Can anyone help with a great hint on how to clean them to a sparkly shiny clean - environmentally friendly of course.
Thanks so much Peggy

Linda said...

CGCG, so easy to get carried away! Glad they look nice.

I won't be doing them again in a hurry Cheryl.

GC, it certainly looks better than before. Sadly, they'll only get dirty again.

Gill, there is sooo much more that needs doing other than housework!

Lynda, your house is obviously comfortable and welcoming.

Joy Belle, haha! I love this reasoning. I'll add it to my list of justifications!

Africanaussie, LOL!! Thank heavens you were saved by your garden!!

Peggy, for some reason we don't have a problem with birds flying into windows. Great idea to make yours more visible! I'll ask for methods of cleaning on a post soon.

Jill Love said...

Good advice and tips. pro window washer we hired used TSP in the cleaning solution. He claimed it to be his secret weapon.

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