Sunday, 1 June 2014

Making hand soap

*I wrote this post ages ago but was unable to publish for...... grrrr..... technical reasons.  I've decided to publish it late and unchanged.*

I'm having a different but lovely evening.  I'm by myself at a hotel in the city!  Feels weird but very relaxing.  I'm here to do a workshop tomorrow so that I'll be able to speak confidently about Down syndrome.  Then I'll be able to help out in our local area if anybody needs information.

So know I'm here, in peace, writing a post I've been promising for ages.  How to make hand soap. 

I've tried a few times to make hand soap with no success.  I spoke with a couple of friends and they had the same experience.

I would melt down some soap flakes and water on the stovetop and let it cool.
It would turn into a solid, gluggy mess.  I would add water and try again and it would become a less solid gluggy mess.
Finally, I have achieved a useable result!!  And the method?  I whizzed the gluggy mess with a hand held blender.  It whips up beautifully!  Just melt the soap flakes and water on the stove, let it cool to gluggy stage, then beat until it's fluffy.
I used a ratio of one to three.  So if you use one cup of soap flakes, add three cups of water.  If you use one third of a cup of flakes, add a cup of water.  You might want to play with the amounts until you achieve a consistency you like.  The only issue I have is getting it into a pump pack.  I use a funnel but the mixture just sits there and doesn't run through.  I tried poking it down with a skewer but that was just frustrating!  The only way I found was to bang the pump pack with the funnel filled with soap.  I banged it up and down on the bench and gradually the soap made its way through.
And there you have it!  Simple, isn't it?  It's not quite the same as the stuff from the shops but it is very useable and gets grubby hands clean.


Dani said...

Brilliant - thanks :)

Linda said...

I hope you enjoy using it Dani!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Good work Linda. I made some a while back and mine has glycerin in it but otherwise is pretty much the same. You can check it out here

Linda said...

Fantastic Fiona! Shame I didn't see your post in the first place. I could have saved myself a lot of gluggy mixtures in the kitchen! Does the glycerin help preserve it or is it for the mousturising qualities?

Tania @ Out Back said...

Who knew the solution to gluggy soap was so simple. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea Linda119 :)

serendipity2000 said...

Linda, simple solution to get thick soap solution into skinny knecked old piping bag! I love making soap but haven't tried this type. I now know what I' doing this weekend. Thank you.

Linda said...

No worries Tania! I hope you like it.

Serendipity, thank you! How simple!

TDL Hygiene said...

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