Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sun day

How I love a Sunday!

The day lies open before me.  No expectations.

I postpone my planned soak in the tub.  Later.  I may get grubby yet...

Time beckons, not threatens.  The sun shines with warmth.  A pretty dress kind of day.

Will I plant new seeds for winter growth? Will I empty beds of spent summer growth?  Reacquaint myself with the spinning wheel?  Endless options.

Rag rugs to continue, ponds to dig.

Or books.  Books read to children; or a novel in the hammock with no-one but me....
And then my bath.  Once my passions are sated.

On Sunday time is my friend.


Ailsa G said...

I love Sundays too! The only problem is that go too fast!

sustainablemum said...

Sounds wonderful, hope you enjoyed and savoured evey minute of it!

Lily Lau said...

Wasn't very sun day here... pfpth! But still a lovely Sunday :)

Linda said...

Ah yes Ailsa! Thank goodness there's one every week. I've resolved to try and keep them open to enjoy!

Thank you Sustainablemum. It was a lovely day!

I wonder where you are Lily? I'm glad you had a nice day too.

theroadtoserendipity said...

Isn't Sunday lovely? It's pretty much our only day off now. Your spinning wheel looks a lot like mine. Do you use it much? Now that we are moving into winter I reckon I might get a bit more time using my spinning wheel, but first, I have to learn how to use it. I picked it up recently for $100 on Gumtree locally (here in Tassie) with a couple of skeins of wool and lots of extras. My son and his partner brought me a couple of huge garbage bags of alpaca wool to spin and I haven't even tried to use it yet. I think I had better stick around here and learn how to use it! Cheers for commenting on my blog (The road to serendipity) as well :)