Friday, 29 May 2015

Perennial Leeks

Do you grow perennial leeks?  I was given mine by my mother.  She received them from a friend and thought they were garlic chives.  But no, definitely perennial leeks! I've just transplanted some this week.
I love them.  They are so hardy that they have survived here for years.  I keep them in a garden bed that receives some grey water over summer.  Some years, the grey water hasn't even been running and they still survived!  When I'm ready, I dig some up and plant them in a well prepared veggie garden to grow on.  They then receive clean garden water and, with a bit of space around, they thicken up.
A plant will form lots of little, teeny weeny baby leeks from the base after it reaches maturity.  These generally don't thicken up much until divided and given a bit of TLC.  So I can be frugal with these plants but know that they are always there when I'm ready to grow them.  Perfect.
Buddy and I got out in the orchard this week.  We are gradually attending to each tree.  They receive compost, aged horse manure and some mulch.  Is there anything else I should be adding?  I'm also planting comfrey under each tree to draw the nutrients up from deeper in the ground.  I've done this with all but the citrus because I'm not sure whether they benefit from comfrey.  I must look into it one of these days.
Yesterday Belle and I started setting up an irrigation system around the trees.  We only have a few left to do now.  We want the orchard to be better prepared next summer.  It really suffers in the heat.  With this in mind, we've planted tagasaste on the west side of each of the trees in the hopes that they establish and provide some shade.

In the meantime, Pumpkin has been creating her own mini garden as well as discovering the magic of nasturtium leaves.  My photos don't capture it well but the water turns silver and somehow looks a bit more solid.  Try it sometime.  It's beautiful!
Are you thinking ahead to next summer when it comes to your garden?  Maybe your garden is already summer-proofed.


Cheryl said...

I must look at getting some of those, they sound very good value for money, can you buy them as seedlings?

Kathy said...

That's fascinating, I have never heard of these before, they sound awesome. I will be checking to see if they are sold here locally. Good for you with the long range garden planning and preparing, I usually plan to prepare and then get busy and there is snow and the fire is warm know how it goes, so I'm mightily impressed at the doing of it!!!

Linda said...

Cheryl, I'm not sure. Why don't I send you a couple and you can try growing them? Do you have an email I can contact you on? Or you could message me your address on my fb page.

Kathy, we've been here ten years and this is the first time I've tried to plan ahead! I just hated last summer in the garden. As for the leeks, I'd be asking fellow gardeners if you can find them in shops.

Selina B said...

i like leeks, didn't know there were perennial leeks though. these sound interesting & will look them up
great post

thanx for sharing

Cheryl said...

That is so generous Linda, I would love a perennial leek plant, thank you, thank you, I will send you my address via face book. Cheers Cheryl.

Suzie Simplelife said... chooks dug out my leeks....not happy. They got into the garden beds while I was inside....not much left now!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hi Linda My suggestion would be to do another layer of what you have already done so that on top of the layer of mulch you have put down you add compost then manure then another layer of mulch. If you then add another layer in November you should have built up a really good amount of organic matter to hold in any water you apply over the summer. I would also add some finely crushed eggshells for extra calcium.

Linda said...

No worries Selina. I hope you can find info on them.

Suzie, why is it we chook lovers always seem to be gardeners too! They are heartbreaking when they scratch up plants and eat new seedlings. Still, when it works it's lovely to have it all!

Good idea Fiona! I will try to do that. And I hadn't heard about crushed eggshell but will give it a try. Is that for all types

of fruiting tree?

Cheryl, I haven't posted them yet but will let you know when I do.