Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Monthly Nine June 2015

Welcome back!  The first month of winter has passed and we march headlong into July.  It happened in the blink of an eye!  I'm sorry to see June go.  It was a cosy month of fires, knitting and rugging up to go and work outside.

Tell us about your June.  What did you get up to?  Please join in with our friendly bunch of bloggers for our monthly linkup.  All you need to do is post regarding each of the nine categories created by Christine from Slow Living Essentials.  Christine's not posting as often these days but her blog is full of ideas and beauty!

You can post at any time during the month as evidenced by Evi's welcome but very recent post for May.  (I'm looking forward to finding time to read it Evi.)  Once you've published, just link below.  Don't forget to visit the other blogs to enjoy the tales and gain inspiration.

June 2015

Soup!  Soup has featured time and time again.  Warming us up on the inside on those chilly winter days.  Pumpkin soup and Italian meat and veg soup were the favourites.  I varied the meat and veg soup depending on which green veggies I happened to have in the fridge or garden.  Sometimes I added broccoli, other times silver beet.  We also dispatched a couple of roosters for meals.  We cooked them up on the same day.  I now know for a fact that they need to rest for a couple of days.   I've never eaten chewier or stringier meat!

I used Rhonda's easy orange cake recipe a couple of times in June.  I substituted half a cup of the flour with polenta which gave it a different, but nice, texture.  I've been busy with teaching the children and working on the farm so quick food like the cakes and soups were very handy.  A double batch at a time gave me even more space to get other jobs done.  We have, however, been taking our time at breakfast.
I also made up a naughty batch of fudge.  It's been years since I made fudge.  I used to fancy myself an expert.  It's all about the temperature you boil it at.  Hot enough to set it but not so hot that you burn it or make it grainy.  Obviously I've lost the knack because it didn't set well but boy, was it still yummy!!
I exchanged some honey for a bag of limes recently.  We made lime slice, lime cake and preserved some limes in the Middle Eastern style of salting and adding juice and herbs.  I'm looking forward to trying them in about a month.

Old saucepans without handles are being used for chook's water.  They have a good base that the chooks don't tip over.

We've tripped down to Savers (thrift shop) a couple of times in the last month in search of presents and also some clothing and shoes.  We were all starting to look a bit scruffy with holes in the knees of our well worn pants!  I even found time to darn a pair of socks in June.
I've started using the batch of soap that I told you about last month.  I put it into moulds just a tad too early.  The mix had not quite reached trace.  It doesn't lather up as well and it's very brittle and breaks easily.

Hmmm!  Yes, well...  I'm not sure who's been eating from the garden but it wasn't us.  Mum gave me some lettuce and silver beet seedlings which are GONE!  Birds, ducks, chooks, snails??  I don't really know but I've since netted the bed.
We have had silver beet to enjoy from another untouched bed, a little rhubarb and, of course, herbs.  There's not much else ready for eating right now.

Knitting has been the order of the month for both Belle and me.  Belle and I both made fingerless mittens in desperation once our hands began stinging from the cold. I made a pair for myself and a pair for Buddy (which he's already lost) and Belle worked on knitting for Pumpkin and herself.

I'm in the process of knitting a small scarf now.
I've bought two books on pigs by Lee McCosker which I'm devouring at the moment.  Well my version of devouring anyway which is really a matter of picking them up when I have a spare moment and reading a little more.  The pigs are overdue to arrive but I'm nervous so don't want to have them here until I think we are ready.  Sorry Jenna!  Soon, I promise.  Lucky my friends are so patient and understanding!
Cheap hot chocolate thanks to Chris at Gully Grove!
I've also started a MOOC on photography.  I was childishly delighted this morning when taking the above photo of my knitting!  Instead of moving my knitting from the dark spot it was sitting, I was able to let extra light in to get the shot!!  It may not sound much but it was the very first step I've ever taken in having control over what my camera can do.  While not perfect, I influenced the outcome so I feel very photographer-y!  I now have hope I can one day understand how the aperture and shutter speed affect a shot.

A lovely thing happened to me at the library a couple of weeks ago.  We are regular library goers and, on this particular day, I was greeted with a book which was right up my alley!  The staff had done a recent cull of books which they place on a sale table.  They kept a book aside for me because they knew I would love it.  It's so nice to know people are thinking of you!
I loved taking part in our local under ten's football.  It's the first time I've been involved with a football club.  My kids made me proud as I shivered and froze on the sidelines.
Yes, you're seeing it right.  Emus on the footy ground!!

Belle and I also enjoyed a catch up at the movies with my older girls, who I don't see nearly enough for my liking.

Nothing like some selfie silliness to bring on an attack of the giggles!
So that was June in a nutshell.  What did you get up to?  Please link with us below.


caro said...

That is the most gorgeous photo of you & your 3 older girls

Evi said...

Yes me too….I love that shot of you and your girls! And I'm in admiration of all the things that you not only get done in the month but that you remember to take photos of them all!!!! I've been a little slack with the photos and then I can't remember what happened in the previous month!
And please share what is a MOOC??

city garden country garden said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your message today, it was lovely to hear from you and it inspired me to get back to posting! I'm intrigued by your piggy plans, can't wait to see the new arrivals to your farm once you're ready for them!

Chris said...

I love it when books turn up that you were thinking about reading. We actually buy thick paged children's book from the library table, for our youngest. He loves books, but has a habit of ripping pages out! Thus the books with heavy cardboard pages. After a while, he still manages to rip the front or back covers off though. Luckily they're old books which have been loved by many readers first.

Have you thought about planting the seeds from the lime tree, so you have your own? I find lime similar to lemon, in that its the hardiest of the citrus family and can still produce if you didn't give it any love.

Linda said...

Oh Caro, it's a shocker!! But we were having so much fun trying to work out how to get all our heads in the shot. I wonder what passers by thought of us!

Evi I rely on my photos to prompt my memory. I'm sure that some months there would be more relevant things I've done but if I haven't photographed them, I can't remember what they were. As for MOOCs, I'm in love with them. They are free online learning courses. I think the M stands for massive! The rest is Open Online Community. I like the ones offered by universities. I completed one on climate change by Melbourne Uni a couple of years ago and it was great. Try Coursera or Open2study. Gee, I should have written a post rather than a comment. Maybe I will!

CGCG, Great to hear from you. Can't wait to read your post later in the day!

Linda said...

Haha! You bring back memories of when Buddy was little Chris, and remind me how far we have come! I'm not sure I saw any pips in the limes but I'll check the next one. I don't have a lime and I am CRAZY about lemons and limes!

Kathy said...

I really do love winter!! Great photos and I will confess to a little envy of your photography class (something I have always thought would be fun) You do pack a lot of activity into a month girl!!!

Linda said...

Hey Kathy, it's not too late! The course only just started and only takes a couple of hours a week! Plus practice time of course. It must be a good one coz even I kinda understood what he was saying!! I hope you do take it up. I find it amazing that we can learn for free.

Cheryl said...

Another lovely month Linda.
I love the colour of the gold wool in the scarf, beautiful.
And I love that last photo, treasured times :)

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Love the selfie. Soup has been on our menu too. Isn't lovely that your library know you so well. Mine does a similar thing in that when new books come in that they know I will like they put them aside for me and email me telling me I have something on reserve. It looks like you have had another busy month and I look forward to hearing about your piggy adventures.

Linda said...

Haha! Told you the picture wasn't perfect Cheryl. It's actually over exposed. The wool is more of a greedy gold.

Isn't that great that your library do reservation for you Fiona! And you'll be hearing more soon I'm sure. Today is Pig Day!!