Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A slow living link-up apology

My computer's playing up this morning so I jumped on the iPad to post.  It was an interesting exercise.  Over a year ago my twelve year old daughter, Belle, began a blog.  She posted once and then never again.  I nagged encouraged her to write again but she never did.  Or so I thought!!!

This morning I completed my post and started to publish when I realised with a shock that I was using Belle's account!  I found she had written several posts but never published them.  I've talked her into letting me publish her posts (even though she never got around to putting photos to them) because I thought they were lovely!  Pop over to have a look and also to find my post for today that was posted on Growing Up Green in error.

1 comment:

Selina B said...

your daughter has a wonderful creative hand! be a shame if she stopped, i read all of her posts & thoroughly enjoyed them too! please tell her to keep writing cos she is very good at it!
thanx so much for sharing (& apology accepted :))