Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Down time

A little school holiday fun sees us baking chocolate muffins and heading to a friend's place.  A couple of days of beaches, buckets, fish and sea snails.
Of exploring, playing, walking and talking.
The kids have laughed lots, argued a little and imagined over and over again.  I love listening as the sand banks become their homes and the seaweed their gardens.
I'm watching the transformation of Belle who's changed from a child into a teenager in a few short months.  No longer part of the games but exploring and photographing wonders.  She's always around but just a little separate as was Buddy today, tired from a long drive.
It's lovely to have a change of environment.  A five minute solitary walk amongst rocks and water did wonders for my soul.  I was frustrated to be taking photos with an iPad! I was given a camera for my last birthday and I'm learning how to use it but sadly my computer just died.  I need to fix it so I can load my photos and continue to play with the basics of photography.  The beach is a photographers dream.


Cheryl said...

A well deserved break indeed!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Looks like a wonderful trip away. Sad about your computer I have had that issue and it is frustrating.

Chris said...

Visiting nature in her element, can do wonders for the soul. And a change of scenery is always nice! I can relate to the transformation with daughters, and the distance they carve out. It's not a bad kind of distance, just a desire to discover their own thoughts and feelings. Some might call it "moody", but I think its just the process of necessary change. When you change, you have to figure it out. Answers don't always come immediately.

I've been trying to figure out myself, for how many years now? ;)

Glad you all enjoyed the time away together.

Meg Hopeful said...

How lovely to spend time at the beach, each of you able to enjoy it in your own ways. Sometimes, being outside and surrounded by the natural world, is all we need.

Margaret said...

I hope you all have the most wonderful time, my whole body relaxes soooo much when
I am at the beach.
Making lovely memories with the kidsv, what a great way to spend the holidays.

Linda said...

Thanks guys, was a short but lovely break. Yes nature is rejuvenating! Chris I Agee with your comment. Tough times, the teen years. And Margaret, I mediated on the beach. Heaven on a stick relaxing and taking in my surroundings!