Sunday, 15 April 2018

Cool Sundays and less food waste

I love my Sundays.  Sundays are family days.  Our weekends are often full but my preference is that we are home on Sundays.

Weekdays are busy.  Saturdays are filled with children's sport.  Today we are all choosing our own at-home recreation.

I should be cleaning my fridge.  I don't do it anywhere near as much as I should.  My fridge often has containers of leftovers, veggies and unrecognisable items that I have forgotten about for far too long.  Ewww!

I figure there are two ways to stop this waste.  One would be to go through my fridge a couple of times a week and make sure I use what's stored in there.  The other would be to ensure I know what we will eat each day and only buy what we need.

I recently discovered an app perfect for my needs.  It's a menu planning app called mealboard.  I purchased the app for $5.99 and I'm loving using it.  I can choose to upload recipes from the internet or I can type in my tried and true everyday meals.  I then enter the number of servings each time I add a recipe to my weekly menu plan so, when cooking a double batch, I just increase the servings.  Easy peasy!  Once cooked, I have a spare meal for the freezer.

I'm so much more organised with my food now.  Each week I create a menu plan by clicking on a meal for each night, including any larger batch meals for freezing for a rainy day.  From that, the app creates my shopping list from the ingredients.  I can also add other items that I need to buy to the shopping list.

So now my cooking and my shopping are much more organised and I'm finding we are spending less.  I buy exactly the right amount of food for the week and each morning I check the app to see what we are having for dinner.  It helps me plan my day and my time if I know what I’m cooking that night.  I only choose four or five meals for the week because we often have a night on which we eat leftovers or the kids sometimes have sausages at the club on training night. 

So what have we chosen to do instead of cleaning the fridge today?

Wrapping a present for a party.

Googling football videos.

Playing with nephews.
Last minute homework.
I have no affiliation with the meal planning app.  I'd just like to share what works for us.

I hope you're enjoying this lovely cool Sunday.


Cheryl said...

Oh haven't the children grown!!!
I love Sundays, and in the process of trying to streamline housework and chores, I'm making Sunday a no work day! No washing, no ironing, no nothing...ok except cooking dinner. Sunday's are for family and recharging the batteries, I think it's more important now than ever before to have some down time, and Sunday is perfect for that.

Grow Gather Enjoy said...

I was so excited to see your blog link over on Gully Grove. I loved reading your posts several years ago. Lovely to see you back blogging and looking forward to following along on what's happening these days.

Jess64 said...

The app looks interesting. Menu planning and prep are a constant drama here.

Meg said...

I went through a stage of menu planning every week then lately found I drifted away from it; not really sure why. I have it on my list of things to do for this weekend though so will have to set aside the time as I find I'm thinking too long about what we'll have for dinner otherwise! Great that you've found an app that works for you, I use an old exercise book. Meg:)

Linda said...

Yep. Always the cooking... I’m cooking tonight’s dinner right now because we need to go to swimming lessons after school tonight.

I’m glad you’ve set aside a day for relaxation.

Linda said...

Thanks Laura. It’s nice to be back among such friendly folk. I just hope I find the time to keep posting now that I’m not at home as much.

Linda said...

Cooking and washing! Never ending.

Linda said...

Menu planning makes such a difference doesn’t it Meg. And yes, an exercise book works well. I’m just getting lazier as technology takes over. I don’t even need to write a shopping list, my app does it for me!

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