Friday, 17 June 2011

Bi-carb! The best product in the world!

I'm ashamed of myself!  Yesterday I was embarrassed to tell my hairdresser that I use bi-carb, not shampoo.  I should have been shouting Bi-carb's praises from the roof tops!!!

I think it was my first hair cut in about six months.  After I had been subjected to the usual "Who cut your hair last?  It's uneven." and "How long since you have been to a hairdresser?!" questions, she asked, "What shampoo do you use?"

I hung my head and quietly muttered something about not using shampoo, but Bi-carb instead.  She was astounded so I explained we try not to use artificial chemicals or packaging.

Today I am cross with myself.  Bi-carb cleans my home (especially my shower, bath and oven), helps me cook, washes my hair, cleans my teeth and deodorises my arm pits!  No other product in my home is this versatile!!!  Why did I not use this opportunity to educate proudly about sustainability?  Possibly I could have won her over to more thoughtful ways of living.

Hopefully this is a lesson learnt and I can do better next time!


Becky said...

AH - Don't kick yourself too hard - she probably would not have "gotten" it anyway. I've found it best for them to ask the questions than doing a hard sell on my lifestyle most times.

Olive Blue said...

I use bicarb for lots of cleaning as well, have never used it for hair cleaning. Many do not understand the 'good life'.

Nallerang Creek said...

Hello! I found you via your comments on Down to Earth. I don't always see the same hairdresser however a few of them commented on my soft and shining (though graying!) hair and I told them I washed it in bicarb with an apple cider vinegar rinse. All looked at me as if I had spoken in another language! I think Becky has it right - wait for them to ask you rather than the hard sell!

Rose said...

Hairdressers are a bit intimidating I find, so I imagine I would have done the same thing.

Denise said...

I've been trying bicarb as a 'shampoo' but only managed to last a week and then I couldn't stand my oily hair any longer. I'm told it adjusts itself after a couple of weeks so I'm going to give it another go later. Interesting that you use bicarb as a deodorant - I had just been wondering if that would work. I'll be giving it a try now. Much better than putting chemicals on your armpits.