Monday, 13 June 2011

Lemonade comes from LEMONS!

Finally our lemon tree has produced lemons.  Until now we've only had one or two lemons from this tree  but this year it decided to succeed!  Recently we have had enough lemons to make lemonade twice and lemon cordial twice and we still have lemons on the tree as you can see below.
The lemonade is so simple.  It is just a matter of dissolving sugar in a bucket with some boiling water and then we throw in cold water, roughly chopped lemons and vinegar.  It sits for a couple of days and then we bottle it and in ten days.......... bottoms up!!!  In fact, the whole process was so easy that the children can do it!

The recipe is from a fabulous book that I bought at an ABC shop.  "A Year in a Bottle" by Sally Wise.  You can see by the cover it is a well used book.  I don't think I have owned it for two years yet!!!  It has recipes for jams, jellies, drinks, sauces, relishes etc.  I had tried to make jam before (unsuccessfully) and was delighted to see how easy all the recipes are.  It is an invaluable addition for anyone trying to achieve a simple lifestyle incorporating homegrown fruits and vegies.

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