Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tea Towels and Bread Bags

Gee, what a week.  I have been too busy to get to the computer.  In fact, I only have a few minutes now.  The party went off well.  I was very proud to only produce a third of a garbage bag of rubbish, given that we had twenty five guests.

After the party, as I was hanging the washing on the line, I realised what a huge role tea towels and bread bags play in my life.

Although I dream of making all our own bread, the reality is that I don't have time at this point in our lives.  Therefore we buy lots of bread in bags.  I have not bought gladwrap for months now.  I don't miss it at all but I think my husband probably yearns for it.  He used to love winding it around and around his sandwiches!

While my children use homemade sandwich wraps, he now takes sandwiches in bread bags.

I can see six tea towels and five bread bags in this photo and I know there are more up the other end of the line.  We wrap heaps of food in tea towels and we reuse the bread bags for all sorts of food that a tea towel wouldn't keep fresh.  eg. cheese, sandwiches, meat.

How to clean a bread bag - I turn them inside out over the chook bucket so the chooks get the crumbs.  Throw them in the machine with the washing.  Hang them on the line.  When dry, I turn them back the right way and leave them on the bench for about an hour.  The outside is usually still wet but dries quickly.  Then I tie a knot in them for the children's safety and keep them in a bag holder.  It is so easy and I love not buying glad wrap!

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nellymary said...

Great post...I never thought of putting them in the laundry though....I usually only rinse mine out while washing the dishes. they are very handy