Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Lovliest Day

I love school holidays! One misty, rainy day this week we all stayed in and snuggled in the house.  Half way through cooking some lamb shank soup my gas ran out.  I went out in the rain to change over the gas bottles only to discover that the spare was empty!  Far from being the disaster it should have been (we have no pre-packaged food in the house), I stoked the fire and put the soup and kettle on the heater.  It worked beautifully and gave me great satisfaction to have found a solution.
While the soup gently simmered I set about making a skirt.  I read about it on the blog Hear Mum Roar. She had a link to the market skirt which is just so cute!  I am making one for Miss Eight and another for Miss Four in the same material.  Is that just too daggy?!!!
Even the children seemed totally relaxed without the hustle and bustle we have throughout the term.  They played individually, a very rare event in our house.
Master Five reading a favourite book.

Miss Four made a drum kit amongst the dolls and blankets.

Every now and again I would stop and sit on the verandah, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying the misty rain.  There was time for a nice cup of organic, fair trade coffee and some book reading with the kids.

I really value this sort of day.  I wish life could be like this more often.  Because I place so much importance on the things that are truly important in life (family, living thoughtfully and respectfully in this wonderful world, people, food, gardening) sometimes throughout the school term, I get very frustrated because we are so frantically busy for reasons beyond my control. 

For now, I am just going to cherish these holidays and try to remember next term that the the next lot of holidays are coming.  We are working our way to slow living and I want to enjoy the journey!

I hope everyone else is having as much fun as we are!

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