Friday, 26 August 2011

On My Mind - Away with the Girls

I am joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth for her regular Friday feature.  On my mind today is the weekend.  I am going away with some girlfriends.   I have two annual weekends away - one with my new friends (we moved here more than seven years ago) and one with my old friends.  Sounds indulgent doesn't it?!  To justify myself, our day to day lives are pretty frantic, so I don't do much catching up with people.

We are going to a lovely town in country Victoria and as you can see I plan to knit, read and enjoy female company!  I'm really looking forward to our dinner out.  We will be eating at a restaurant that has had several write ups.  The chef grows many of the vegies used and sources local food!  Right up my alley!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend too.


Denise said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful and I hope you indulge to your heart's content!
Have a great time!

visiting from Down To Earth

Humble wife said...

How exciting! I love the color(s) of the yarn. I can't tell if it is one that goes multi or two differing~either way I am awaiting the end result!

Have a lovely time

New Mexico, USA

BLD in MT said...

Have a wonderful weekend! It is quite important to make time for these sort of outings because it is so easy to get caught up with all the work of keeping a home. I am sure you will make many memories to treasure.

My girlfriends from high school and I try to do this same sort of thing once a year. This year only one could make it, but even still it was so worthwhile to go and spend time with her. I did a post about it: if I might share.

Popping over from Down to Earth.

Chris said...

Hope you have a blast. Getting away and taking some time for yourself is so important. Good company, good food and knitting - what more can there be for a great weekend.

TFS - popped over from Down To Earth.

MrsW - Smell the Roses said...

How lovely! Every girl needs some time out with girlfriends at some point so good on you for taking a break with them :) Have lots of fun, I must say I'm quite jealous :) Enjoy the dinner, it sounds like it should be fab. Just popped over from D2E btw. Regards, Ruth @

Becky said...


Busy mum of 3 said...

The restaurant sounds great, have a fabulous weekend away, like all us mums you deserve it.