Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend was fantastic!  We went for a long drive on a beautiful sunny day to pick up some bobbins for my spinning wheel.  I bought my spinning wheel on Ebay but it was missing the bobbins.  A friend gave me the number of someone she thought made them.  It turns out that he doesn't do it routinely but made them for me anyway, and refused to charge me.  His wife loves spinning and he liked the idea of helping intoduce someone else to this craft.  What a lovely person!  We had a great day and even came home with plants and bulbs from their garden.  Now ................  how to spin?!!!

I weeded under some of my fruit trees, making sure they were chook proofed!

                           See!  They happily wander around it but don't get under and scratch!

Hubby was 'sprung bad'!  He couldn't be bothered going to find the feed scoop so used my cute flower pot.  Silly boy left the evidence behind!

A couple of years ago Mum planted some bulbs amongst the grass in the orchard.  What a lovely suprise to have flowers coming up!   I loved the look so much that I planted more on the weekend.

The table as it looked after a fantastic evening sharing a homecooked meal with my parents-in-law and friends.  My father-in-law has been learning how to make wine so we enjoyed tasting his efforts!

It's funny how cleaning up after everyday meals is such a drag, but I never mind after a lovely night with company.  Must have someone over again soon.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

I have a spinning wheel. It is in pieces and I dont know how to put it together or if it is all there lol. Perhaps I could find out something on the internet to help me assemble it. I dont know how to spin either but would love to learn...

We love shopping on eBay too!

Evi said...

I think the cleaning up is never so bad after company because you have so much new input to think about and ponder on, as you are working! Even better is when the visitors help - chatting and cleaning together is so much more fun!