Friday, 9 September 2011

On My Mind - Country Kids

I'm joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth for her regular Friday feature.

After our  scare with the brown snakes this week, I have been reflecting on country life with kids.  I can't imagine them living in a town or city!   We live in a world of bonfires, caring for animals, gardening, playing outside and just generally getting grubby!

I know there are pros and cons for country and city life but this photo makes me feel good about our choice.  They are four, five and eight and played happily for over an hour climbing and rolling off this bale of hay in winter!  (no snake fears on this day)  Soooooooo............ I will still be scared this summer and I'm contemplating whether my lavender hedge will survive when I cut off all of the bottom branches (and I will probably resemble a clucking mother hen when the children go outside in the warm weather), but life here is GOOD!

Thanks to my lovely blogging friends for your good snake advice!


purplepear said...

There are probably just as many worries for the parents of city kids as well. I think the advantages of country life are worth a few worries, like snakes.Lovely photo of happy children.

rhonda jean said...

Ha, that photo made me smile. What lovely kids. I read your post about snakes. We have mainly pythons and brown snakes here, we have a creek in the back yard so we expect them. If we choose to live in this beautiful land outside the cities, we have to share the land with the wildlife. You can't control the snakes but you can teach your children sound safety procedures, run them through them a few times, then let them get on with it. Like most country kids, they'll grow up with respect for snakes and will walk the other way when they see them. We'll be going through this with our grand kids in a couple of years. And just between you and me, I'd much rather a snake in the backyard than having kids in the city where you don't know what the hidden dangers are.

Take care, love.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Love the photo of your gorgeous children.

My children have been raised in the country, now they are grown up the eldest lives in a little country town, and the youngest of my girls lives on 21 acres and runs horses...My middle girl however chooses to live in Melbourne and my teenage son is still living with us on our 2.5acres. And me I was raised on 7500 acres with all the space I desired...

In my opinion country children are so much happier just like yours are :)

Humble wife said...

I love the kids on the hay. Country kids...well make sense to me, of course I live miles and miles from a community!!

Take care
New Mexico

Evi said...

Give me the country to raise children, hands down!! We lived miles from town until 3 years ago (with snakes) and our older kids spent all their time building, climbing, camping, swimming etc! Now we are on the outskirts of small village and I can see the difference in what my younger kids want to do, although we are still on a couple of acres. I think they 'see' more of what others have and do and want likewise. I worry more about the dangers of town life than in the bush!!
Your kids will thank you later for the freedom they enjoyed in the country, as have my older ones - they can see how much fun they had!!

Linda said...

I agree Kate, the advantages of country life are fantastic!
And you are spot on Rhonda. The hidden dangers are much more frightening. I think I will contact the Dept. of Sustainability and Environment though, just to be sure I am giving the kids the right advice!
Tania it sounds like most of your kids chose to stay in the country. I hope mine do. So far, so good - I have five children, only three left at home, and the other two live in the country too!
Thanks for the comment Jennifer. The privacy of space is lovely, isn't it.
Evi I think you are right. My young children seem so innocent in such a natural way. And they never ask for anything materialistic except when writing Santa Lists. They just accept life as it is. I am often surprised by how my parenting seems to be going to plan!!!