Friday, 30 September 2011

On My Mind - Gardening

I am joining in with Rhonda  at Down to Earth for her regular Friday On My Mind feature.

Last week I was able to get out in the orchard for a full couple of hours!  I loved it!  I put fresh manure and pea straw under all my trees and gave them a good water.  Normally, I just do one or two jobs as I find a minute but it is so satisfying to spend a good amount of time acheiving heaps of jobs!  I'm really looking forward to this weekend because on Saturday we will be going to my parents to watch the Grand Final and on Sunday I plan to spend the entire day outside in the garden.  Yay for school holidays!!!  I can have a weekend of fun, instead of a weekend trying to get organised for the next week.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!


Stitchin' time said...

Thanks for visiting my 'arty' blog and leaving a comment. Sounds like the storms were all along the east coast :(. I hibernated at home.
You could have 2 outings, one to watch the footy on Saturday and one outside in the garden, on Sunday, with your trio of helpers. Maybe a pause for a picnic garden lunch after admiring the mornings work?
Have fun :D.

Becky said...

It's been awhile since I got out and did much of anything in our yard but I am hoping to get the Chestnuts cleaned up in the back yard on Sunday. Saturday we will be attending a Bluegrass Music Festival. HAVE FUN!

Chris said...

I'm like you get out when I can but always happy if I can get a lot done at anyone time. I hope to mulch this weekend also but will have to be Sunday as well thanks to the GF. I'm not a footy fan but usually watch the GF and get into the spirit of things.
Just visiting from Rhonda's

Kim said...

I love getting out in the garden for a long period of time too. It seems with all this rain we have been having that the garden has been sadly neglected. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to have a full day gardening on the weekend too!

purplepear said...

I love to get out into the garden for extended periods of time to get some things finished all in one hit. It doesn't happen very often though and I don't have small children as an excuse. I think all you young mums are amazing with what you accomplish.Love your photo.

Linda said...

Well it sounds like most of us plan to get out in the garden on the weekend and we all love uninterrupted gardening!

I like your picnic idea Robyn, the kids love them!

Enjoy the Bluegrass festival Becky, it sounds like a great weekend.

Nice to hear from you Chris, enjoy the Grand Final. It should be a great game. I'm glad you throw yourself into it. We're a bit like that ourselves, no time for footy on a regular basis.

Kim I haven't even heard a weather report for the weekend. Hopefully time and weather will be kind to us!

Kate, Your comment made me laugh loudly! My kids might be young, but I'm sure not! Thanks for your comments. I hope you have a great weekend!

Rose said...

How good to have so much space for your simple life Linda.

Tania @ Out Back said...

It is very satisfying to get out in the garden and get ones hands dirty...

We had a lovely bit of rain here today, the garden will love that...

I have a lemon tree that I will plant out tomorrow while the ground is nice and wet. I must remember to get some more straw for mulching our fruit trees.

Evi said...

Is that you Linda, hiding behind the little fruit tree???!!! You look great and your 'about me' photo shows you as a healthy, tanned, out doorsy type of mama - whats not to like?
Enjoy your gardening - I'll be out there too, sowing seeds in the new garden beds.... I have a feeling there will be a lot of blog posts about every ones weekend gardening efforts next week!!!

Linda said...

Hi Rose, yes we are very lucky and have heaps of space but most of it is bush. I have still managed to take over almost the entire yard for the vegie garden though. It seems to happen by accident, but grows larger each year.

Yes Tania, it is satisfying! Have you ever watched Dirt Girl? I love that show. What a great catch cry of 'Get Grubby'! Enjoy planting your lemon tree.

Evi, Thanks for your lovely comments on my photo. My eighteen year old and I decided that I look a bit 'cooked' already and it's only spring - determined to keep my hat on this year. I start with it on, but lose it along the way without noticing! I'm glad you're moving along with your new garden. I can't wait to see that wonderful large space as a productive edible garden! Have fun!