Thursday, 29 September 2011

Permie Poem

Not long after I completed my Permaculture Design Course I was struck by how different our lives had become (and how much more interesting) and I was inspired to write this poem.

I would really like to share it with you.  For those who don't know - 'Permie' is a shortened term for 'Permaculturalist'.  I would encourage everyone to do their PDC.  I've always had in me a need to make, garden, bake etc.  The PDC clarified my reasons - care for the earth and the future of our planet!

I’m a Permie

When did I know I was a permie?
Was it when I bought the op shop clothes,
Or when I repaired the broken hose?
When my husband begged me “no more chooks”
Or was it the neighbours funny looks?
Was it when I refused to buy things new,
or realised I loved the smell of horse poo.
Waste not, want not, that’s my cry,
You’re throwing out that piece of ply?!
But that’s potential shedding you know
Or something under which the carrots can grow,
Was it the buying goats and baking my bread,
Was it the tending my garden and dreaming sheds.
Was it when I realised I was weird,
And wanted swales, not gardens tiered.
Weeds aren’t weeds till they’re proven pests
And even then I’ll use them for the chookies nests.
“Did I really want kids?”, I thought as I kissed them,
“Or was I just making people for my system?!”
And my husband, that strong and capable man,
Was he just a part of my ultimate plan?
Miss seven lights a fire without paper, you know,
And master five barrows poo where I want it to go.
Miss three thinks planting on her own is nice,
But throws a big tanty if I give advice,
Was the clue when we built a “solar” clothes dryer
Or  in my respect for rain, wind and fire?
Was it when I chopped off my chookie’s head,
Because my family needed to be fed.
Or was it, though I had friends that wore labels and lippy,
When I looked around the rest were hippies?
No, it was when I did my PDC,
And realised there were others, just like me!

I'm a bit awkward about putting a poem 'out there' so if for any reason you want to reproduce this poem please talk to me first.  It's funny how you feel you know your audience when it's your own blog!


Stitchin' time said...

Oh bravo, what a great poem! It scans nicely (so you could make it a song *big grin*) and uses everyday language and expressions. I'd be printing it out, framing it (with recycled timber) and hanging it in the kitchen so all your visitors know how things are at your place.

Tania @ Out Back said...

That is a great poem! Well done, I loved it...

purplepear said...

Oh I love it. And along with you I highly recommend a PDC

Kim said...

I so get that poem!!! Thanks for writing down what is in my brain all the time!!!

Evi said...

Linda, that is awesome!! You've got it rhyming so well and although I haven't done a PDC course I can relate to it anyway!! I'm really impressed that you actually posted it - I'd be a bit bashful!! Somehow, to me, it feels more personal than a photo, more from the 'inside' of me as opposed to what people see all the time and therefore I'd find it hard to show it. Does that make sense? Anyway, you brought this life of ours across so humorously - good stuff!!!

Linda said...

Thanks everyone and YES I was bashful (felt silly) posting it but I love our lifestyle and am proud of it! I figured you guys would relate to my words. I feel as though I have found kindred spirits through blogging. My friends don't share my passions! And as for the photo - notice there isn't one...... I'm working my way up to it! LOL

farmer_liz said...

great poem, mind if I share the link to your blog on the facebook site of my (south burnett) permaculture group? I think it really sums up how many of us fell, slightly outcast in "normal" society, but such a relief when you find others who have the same outlook.

Linda said...

Hi Liz, Thank you for asking before putting up the link. Of course, that would be fine. I'm slightly envious of you however. We don't have a local permie group but maybe one day! It must be great getting together to discuss ideas.

farmer_liz said...

Thanks Linda! Its only just started, but it has been great so far, with some farm visits and seed-swaps and lots of new friends. Maybe you should start one in your area.... we don't do minutes or have a treasurer or anything official, just meet at the CWA hall once a month and have a chat about all sorts of things. Anyway, now to post the link...