Sunday, 2 October 2011


The lovely Evi over at Sister Sun and I have been discussing the indecision around putting up a photo of oneself on our blogs.  I have only recently put mine up for all to see!  There are actually a couple of reasons for this.

One is that, like most things/jobs around here, taking photos is something I am in charge of, therefore I don't feature in them.

So........ I handed Miss Eight the camera with instructions to take my photo.  Now I will show you the second reason I couldn't put my photo up in a hurry.  The following photos are typical of the shots that people take of me!

What WAS I doing!

Obviously something shocking about my bottom!

I am so unphotogenic, that it's not funny.  It drives my kids mad that they can never get a decent photo!  My eldest daughter has all the family displayed on her mantelpiece, and I am missing for this very reason.  I need to do a course on 'how not to pull stupid faces when a camera is around'.

Could this be one of the reasons I'm not a supermodel?!!


Henry said...

thanks for sharing your photos. Just goes to show I'm not the only one with unusual photos of myself.There's one of me at my daughters wedding very similar to your top one. Everyone asks "what were you doing" I have no idea, Your photos show more of who you are and your lifestyle than a studio shot would. They are much more 'human'and I feel I know you a little better now that you've shared these photos. Good on you!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Photos of me always end up like this too. Even though I say wait until I, click,and usually while I am speaking!

Lovely natural photos Linda which is exactly what you want...

Kim said...

so get what you are talking about .... I got so desperate at one stage when my publisher asked for an author photo that I went to the haidresser, then spent an entire day (and I mean an entire day ) taking 'natural authorish photos'of myself using the timer on the camera. Of the 100 or so photos I took looked 'normal' ..I now use that photo for everything but once I start to age, I guess I will have to do a new one!!

Linda said...

Hi Henry, nice to hear from you! I'm actually a bit in awe of my eighteen year old. If there is even a chance of a photo being taken, she goes into automatic pose mode and comes out looking gorgeous! I guess if you grow up in the techno era you learn to deal with cameras anywhere at anytime.

Tania, I sometimes wonder if family and friends enjoy catching me off guard! Sounds like people might be having fun with you and me!

Kim, I tried taking my own photo for the blog but I gave up in the end. Seems I'm even more awkward when taking my own photo! I reckon you could get at least ten years out of a photo. I love my driver's licence photo, because it's nine years old!

Come on guys! Show me your worst photos - I'd love a peek!

Evi said...

ROTFLMHO.....oh Linda, you're a hoot!!! I have the exact same two reasons for leaving myself out of the photo displays on my blog - I'm always the one taking photo's and I am always the one giving/ shouting instructions or giving graphic facial displays for some obscure reason. The number of pics that I veto is amazing!! The other reason would be that there are a few lumps and bumps in places where they shouldn't be.... and I really don't want to see them!!
My kids favourite photo past time is taking shots of my rear end - they have amassed quite a collection over the years.... luckily I have some good ones of them ready to drag out for their 21st's!!