Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Revolution

This month, in the Organic Gardener magazine, Peter Cundall writes a guest editorial.  Peter Cundall *sigh* is my hero!  He writes about the fact that the days of environmental destruction are numbered.  He believes that there is a huge swing in the other direction evidenced by the rise in organic, community based gardening and gardening in schools, amongst other things.

The thing that caught my eye about the editorial was the fact that he used the word 'REVOLUTION' to describe the changes.  I have seen this word used in comments on posts I have written, and on other blogs.  I'm finding it is being used more and more!

Then whilst listening to 774 ABC Radio today I heard a fact that gave me huge hope!  Jon Faine was talking about a report released this morning 'The State of Australian Cities'.  Fact - in the last decade bicycle sales in Melbourne exceeded car sales by 2 million!  That makes me feel good.

Let's hope these bicycles are being ridden and not just parked in the shed ready for weekend leisure rides around the park.  Now, I feel somewhat hypocritical because I drive a car with the children and we live too far from town for bike riding to be practical.   Unfortunately at this point in time, this is how it has to be for us, so we try to do our bit in as many other ways as we can.

So........ the tides are turning.  I never thought I would be interested in taking part in a revolution, but I am jumping feet first into this one!  This revolution involves living a slower paced life, being more in touch with nature, being involved with my community, eating healthy and locally grown foods, enjoying the occasional glass of home brew, becoming skilled and raising skilled, switched on children who are involved in life and the world around them.  Sounds attractive, doesn't it?!
I say, "Bring on the Revolution!".  So join me folks in taking up arms!  My weapons of choice are a wooden spoon, spinning wheel and a pile of aged manure!  What are yours?


Dani said...

Never thought I'd be a revolutionary either LOL But I love it.

My revolutionary weapons are:

My solar oven
my collection of manual kitchen implements
my veggie patch
my two feet (as opposed to a motor car LOL)

Kim said...

My weapons are my words, my veggie patch, my chickens and goats and my homemade laundry liquid and soap.
There is nothing more empowering than 'doing it yourself'!

Busy mum of 3 said...

Here Here...Long live the revolution...I'm in! If I could change one thing about society in our revolution it would be to stop people from buying crap! All that "stuff" they just don't need, $2 shops would be banned in my revolutionary world, along with toys given away by fast food chains. That's MY weapon of choice!

Linda said...

I'm loving our army! What fun we will have! And the weapons..... incredible! Busy Mum, I didn't think of that weapon but YES, let's bring down those plastic crap shops by never purchasing!

I keep hearing the Les Mis song going around in my head... "Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men...."