Friday, 21 October 2011

On My Mind - Geese Can Fly!

I am joining in with Rhonda in her weekly feature where bloggers post a photo of what is on their minds.  Quite firmly on my mind, is the fact that geese can fly!  Last Sunday I was very excited to pick up these two geese.  I asked my friend how high they fly and she held up her hand 'so high'.   Because our pen has fences three times the height of the demonstrated 'worst case scenario' I let them wander in the pen.   I hate animals being caged!

Well, that night at lock up time, they were gone!  They now reside at our dam and I don't know how I will get them back!  They will come for food but they don't get close to me and I am scared if I try to catch them they will run away for good.   If I just leave them there, a fox could get them!  If only I had researched geese better before I got them!!!


rhonda jean said...

Oh dear. You'll have to find a way to get them into the pen at night. I know with chooks, we keep them in the coop for a few days when they first come to live with us. On the fourth day we let them free range and they always come back to the coop at night. I wonder if you could do the same with geese. You could visit a poultry forum and ask for suggestions. Good luck with whatever you do.

Denise said...

I don't know anything about geese either, but Rhonda's idea sounds like a good one. At least worth trying!
Hope you'll keep us updated. Good luck!

Visiting from Down To Earth

Linda Woodrow said...

Twice now, when spooked (first time by dogs, second time by a trail bike) one of our geese has flown right down the valley, over the top of gum trees, a good couple of kilometres. Downhill, but still, serious flying. The neighbour rang us to ask had we lost a goose? Cos there was one in her front yard. We went down with a net and some food to catch it. I'm glad they can fly - it gives them another layer of defence against predators. One of ours was killed by dogs, when we had just a pair. Now we have 5 adults, I think they'd scare off a fox - they're pretty intimidating. The 6 new goslings are more vulnerable, but the adults are so protective. I think, with a dam to go in and the ability to fly, I'd have a lot of hope yours will be safe. I think I'd try just feeding them daily, staying as close as you can till they get used to you. Then maybe with a net you can catch them, or can you just feed them closer and closer to where you want them to go? Geese are greedy - they like their food!

Barb. said...

Umm yes, they can. Quite long distances too.
Maybe they will stay if they learn to associate the pen with food. But you'll need to get them to come back first.
I was talking to a bloke last week about foxes and he said that they come in after his geese so he pens them at night but one goose put it's head out through the wire, he says to check on the noise, and he found his headless goose the next morning. I'm thinking you'll need to pen them up.

Might depend on the fox in your area. This time of year here we get quite a few and lots of people around our area lose poultry.


Linda said...

Rhonda, you are so right and the worst thing is, I knew all this! I was just too impatient because I hate locking poultry up.
Hi Denise, yes Rhonda WAS right and hopefully I have learned a lesson for next time I get new poultry. Thanks for visiting.
Linda, we're thinking we'll put up a temporary area to herd them into so we can catch them. I'll try and coax them in with food. If only I had have asked you more questions the other day! Hubby also thinks they would be safe on the dam but that defeats the purpose of having them. We want them to eat grass in the orchard.
Barb, you've put your finger right on the problem! I'll need to get them back first! LOL Yes we hear foxes barking all the time but I hope Linda is right and the foxes find them too formidable. (They scare ME!)

Kim said...

We had neighbours have them and they put a floating island on the dam so that the geese would nest there at night (using an old palette sitting on some drums.)
Try the food and coaxing with a big net . I am sure they will be fine.
You could also put a temporary pen down there and put food in it so that they are used to going in there . ...then take them back to the orchard.
you poor thing though..... it sounds like geese are as naughty as goats.

thoughtsofgrace said...

Geese are something else! When we had assorted barnyard fowl, we would clip the ends off from the feathers of one wing, then they couldn't fly; but we didn't live in an area with predators. Now we just have chickens, the clipping helps then stay were we want, but it does have to be repeated as new feathers grow. Good luck, Leslie

Linda said...

Thanks Kim, I like the island idea for keeping them safe. In fact, I may join them with a glass of something in my hand - sounds lovely!

Hi Leslie, Welcome. We did discuss cutting the wings if and when they are back with us. We decided they might not enjoy living here if we put them through that process early in their stay. If we find that they keep taking off, after they home in on their pen, we might just have to do it!