Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Wonderful Week

What a great week I have had.  We tripped up to my Mother-in-law's for her 70th with our trailer load of manure and a beautiful handmade teacosy that I found at a nearby craft co-operative.  I scoured the op shops for a suitable teapot but none were the right size for the cozy.  So I gave her my ceramic teapot which was perfect!  I replaced it with a smaller one from the op shop.

MIL's garden near the canola (She loved the manure!)

My replacement tea pot from the op shop

 I went to our local spinners group this week.  I have attended before but I've never been ready to spin.  This time, armed with my new bobbins, I showed them my attempt from the weekend.  After laughing at my 'fantastic rope' they gave me a few tips.  I have a long way to go but every now and then I get the 'flow' of my wheel and spin a small length of even yarn.  Practice makes perfect so I guess I now need to practice LOTS!

And finally I went to the black market on the weekend.  I gained more in information sharing than vegies this time.  I received advice on curly leaf, met a lady who is happy to teach me some of the finer points of photography and found someone to take my three roosters.  We have had more roosters than hens since an awful fox attack last year.  I was delighted to see the roosters go to a good purpose - 'dinner'.  We have been trying to eat our own roosters but after four attempts I have decided I can't do it yet.  I felt sick every time I sat down to a meal.

Now I will just concentrate on eggs and enjoy my hens making compost for me.

I hope your week is going as well as mine!


Kim said...

I understand about the roosters. We decided to keep meat chickens.... i fed them and fed them and couldn't bear to eat them . They wound up being so big that they wouldn't fit in the oven.
Glad you found your roosters somewhere else to go.

purplepear said...

That sounds like a lovely week. I think I'm at about the same stage as you with the spinning. I'm going to have to get myself another wheel though as the lovely one my dad made just doesn't spin. I'm with you, even if I ate meat I couldn't eat my own.

Linda said...

Hi Kim, What happened to your fat roosters in the end? Do you still have them? Good on you for giving it a try regardless. I figure if I'm going to eat meat, I need to come to terms with where it comes from, but it's harder than I realised.

Hi Kate, My week got even better because someone gave me a starter for sourdough bread today, so my challenges keep increasing! I've never made sourdough before but I've always wanted to. I remember the lovely post about your wheel. You will have to keep it as a beautiful and sentimental ornament.

Christine said...

Great to hear about your spinning...I only started last year and find that going to the regular spinning group really helps. They are just such a great bunch of people and are only too willing to help new spinners. I hope you find the same. I don't think I could dine on a homegrown bird yet either..even though it makes perfect sense. Happy 70th to the MIL, such a useful present you gave her!

Linda said...

Christine, you give me hope! I have been a bit in awe of your spinning. I didn't realise you've only been doing it for a year!