Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Very soon my eighteen year old is going to travel to Finland to stay with a friend.  I must admit I am scared!  Very, very scared!  I have never travelled to a cold country and I don't understand how anybody can breathe when the temperature is -20 Celsius.  How is that possible?!  It's colder than my freezer.  Wouldn't your lungs freeze and your lips freeze shut?!

I don't even like going to the snow.  The idea is great but the reality is a sooky me and cold feet.  Snow actually hurts!

So I am doing what any mother who has lost control would do - I have bought her some Ugg boots and I am madly knitting her a pair of socks.  I have completed the first one and started on the second, but I am running out of time.  I have been able to knit since I was a girl but never became enthusiastic before.  I can knit and pearl but hadn't done the fancier things like slip stitch, pick up stitches etc, so it has been a challenge.  Now I only have a couple of days that I will be home to knit so I have decided to drop everything and knit like mad until I complete the pair.

It's one of the benefits of being a stay at home mum.  I can decide what I do, when.  So today I will not garden or do housework - I will just knit.  Oh, except I need to make the bread because my sourdough sponge is ready, oh and I must hang out the wet washing or it will get smelly, and of course I have put on a pot of chicken stock because we'll have risotto tonight.

Oh, and I probably need to make a cake because I have no snacks for the kids and I will make them something for lunch as well!  And without a doubt I should wait until I have done this quick post!  Let out the chooks and feed them, check the goats have got water.  Phew!  Thank goodness I am a stay at home mum with such flexibility to do nothing all day!

Hmmm, I wonder how much it costs to post a sock to Finland???


angela said...

hahahaha yes lucky we are stay at home mums and have all the time in the world.
The socks look great Im sure you will have them finished in time.
give your baby a big hug and send her on her wonderful adventure.
Facebook is a great way to stay in touch!

Linda said...

Thanks Angela, I'm not so sure I'll finish the sock in time but yes, it will be a wonderful adventure for her. I will miss her terribly though.