Friday, 25 November 2011

On My Mind - Farewell My Love

Today, my girl flies out and travels to the other side of the world!  It was a big week.  This is a photo of her putting up her P plates.  She only got her licence on Wednesday!  I'm not going to the airport at her request.   She thinks I'll cry too much (and maybe I would).  I hope she doesn't regret this decision at the last minute.  I hope she has a ball but I hope she's not gone too long.  I will miss her terribly!

I'm joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth for her regular Friday feature of posting a photo and linking it back to your blog so that we can have a nice wander around visiting each other.


Busy mum of 3 said...

I would be totally flipping out if it were my girl "leaving on a jet plane"!I know at some point you have to loosen the apron strings, but at this time in my life I can't imagine it. I'm still at a point of freaking out if she asks to go on a sleep over, she has only been on 2 so far, and I squirm every time LOL. May she have a safe journey.

rhonda jean said...

Seeing them off on their first overseas trip is a really big deal. I hope she has a lovely time and I hope you don't cry too much. ;- )

dixiebelle said...

Good luck to your daughter... I bet you taught her well, and that will hold her in good stead. I hope she has a wonderful time... travelling was such an important part of my life & my character!

BarefootBride said...

Another thing I have to 'look forward to' in years to come.

Hope your daughter succeeds in all she does.

Linda said...

Busy Mum, what makes you think I'm not flipping out?! The good thing/bad thing about loosening the apron strings is YOU DON'T ACTUALLY GET A CHOICE! Apparently they are legally adults at the tender age of eighteen! A fact they never let you forget.

Rhonda, thank you. Yes it is a big deal. It sounds like you may have experienced it. No I have been very brave. No crying but lots of tearing up!

Dixiebelle, thank you. I didn't do the travelling thing so you probably have a better idea of what it means to her than I do.

Barefoot Bride, thank you so much for your good wishes. I must say, scared as I am, I'm proud of my girl and think she will do life well!

Julie said...

Yes, I hear you!!

My son is flying out in two and a half weeks time (eighteen days and so many hours if you ask him)to Germany. He is 16. Whilst he is going on exchange, following that he will travel alone to the south of Germany to stay with a friend before returning home.

I will go to the airport and yes, I will probably cry too much!

I hope your daughter has a wonderful time .... she wil and that you (and I) won't worry too much.

Oh, by the way, I found you thru Rhonda!

Have a lovely weekend :)


Linda said...

Hi Julie, It's hard isn't it. Sixteen is so young! I've been receiving text messages through the night letting me know when she has safely made new plane connections. I will be so relieved when she arrives at her friend's and thank goodness she is staying in touch so well!

Evi said...

Oh yes I know how it is - you worry that they are too young to leave and 'have you taught them all they need to know' and 'what last minute things do I need to warn them about'! My 19 yo tells me she is moving to NSW early next year and thats enough to make me wonder all those things too!!
And she is our third child, second daughter to go on her way - you'd think I'd be a bit better at it!
For you it would be even harder because she is so far away and you couldn't even get there quickly if you needed to. But remember that she is no doubt able to work life out quite well on her own now - it's just that we as parents have had to nurture them, feed them, organise them for most of their life that we forget that they are actually capable young adults now!!
She will be fine Linda - you'll see. I'm sending you a big mama hug anyway just because... {{{{{{{{{{{ L }}}}}}}}}}