Sunday, 4 December 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Well, it's that time of year again!  The weather is heating up and drying the ground.We look at the garden and realise we will not have enough time each day to water it.  We have planted heaps of vegies and they cover a huge area.

So last weekend we headed to a big green shed store and purchased this hose made from recycled tyres.

We laid it through the garden and pegged it in place with pieces of fencing wire bent into a 'U' shape!

The peg holding the pipe in place is in the top of the photo.

It is designed for low pressure.  It is stoppered at the end and the water in the hose just slowly leaks out.  It keeps the ground nice and moist with less water than a hand hose.  We will cover the hose with mulch once we a sure it has been laid right.  At the moment it is exposed so we can check all areas are getting enough moisture.  Once the mulch goes over the top, it retains even more moisture.

This olive barrel is just our tester for now.  We cut it a while back to use as a compost bin and due to the open top, we can't use it permanently.  It wouldn't be child safe!

We will buy a new, intact one and the lid will go at the top, screwed up tightly so the kids can't open it.  We just need to fill the barrel and the work is done!

The barrel is above the garden and is drained by gravity, therefore using no electricity.  This will help in our efforts to reduce our electricity usage in the Great Kilowatt Challenge.  This is a challenge by Gavin at Greening of Gavin that is worth taking part in if you want to understand you electricity usage.

Now watch my garden grow!

Dani (from Eco Footprints - South Africa) recently posted about leaky/porous pipe too.  Check out her efforts, she and her husband are very busy creating eco friendly solutions!


dixiebelle said...


Dani said...

Linda - I'm so excited for you.

RMan went to the farm with a helper this weekend to do "man stuff" LOL and I stayed behind to "man" the business. He sent me pics of the veggie patch. You will NOT believe how well that porous pipe works!!!!

Judging from the success on the farm, with this watering system you now have 'no worries' regarding your watering :)

I was so impressed after my first test with the generous sample they gave me, that I bought 100mtrs of the pipe! (And reckon I'll probably have to buy another 100 for the lemon orchard.) It may be costly, but within 3 months I should've recouped the expense in water saving / plant progress.

purplepear said...

Looks good and what a great use of old tyres.

Linda said...

Hi Dixiebelle, yes it's a real water saver and the results are spectacular.

Dani, thanks for your enthusiasm. We have actually used this pipe before and had great success. I should have added this to my post (in fact I think I might). It's a word of warning. Last time we connected it to our grey water and it worked wonderfully for a while and then it blocked. All the gross sludge build-up blocked it very badly and eventually it stopped working so it's probably best used with a fairly clean water supply.

Thanks Kate, yes I love the recycled factor. No-guilt shopping!

Dani said...

Your strength, steadfastness and love of sharing are an inspiration to me.

I've given you an award!

Thank you, for your inspiration and your support! Dani!

Kirsten said...

Hi, just popped over from Dixiebelle's.

We've used the leaky hose before to good effect, but not with the gravity driven water, that's a great idea. What we have found with them though is that if you make the curves too sharp they end up with holes at those points and water spurts out there.

Hope they work well for you.

farmer_liz said...

That hose looks good, where did you get it from? We use greywater, so your comment was a good tip, I would just add a filter to use it with our system. I did set up micro-irrigation, but it kept blocking up too, and I got sick of fixing each little dripper. Lately I've just been using a hose, but I'd like to try something less labout intensive! Cheers, Liz

Linda said...

Hi Kirsten, thanks for the tip. I can see how that would happen. The texture is a bit 'papier mache-ish'.

I bought it at Bunnings Liz. Yes I have wondered about a filter but haven't looked into it yet. Any thing new is scary so I put it off. I hate those micro-irrigation systems too. I don't how many times we've set them up and not been happy with them. Ants keep blocking them up. Good luck and let me know how you go.

Christine said...

You're motivating me to go and lay more hose in the garden...I seem to spend way too much time out there over summer holding a trigger nozzle!
On a tip shop visit I found a generous pile of this rubber seepage hose - I just haven't got around to using it yet.

You are going to have some serious bumper crops with all of this irrigation! ;)