Friday, 16 December 2011

An Old Woman in Her Shoe

There was an old woman
 who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children
she didn't know what to do.
Christmas was coming,
the kids were in the way.
She didn't know how to keep presents secret
(or how to pay)!
One child went and got herself a tatt,
"So?", you might say,
"What's the matter with that?"
Well it's permanent, you know,
and I'm very old hat!
The goats, they going,
This weekend?!  I'm not sure?
Can't keep them in, don't want to tether no more.
The weetbix on the table has set like glue,
Like I haven't got enough bloody work to do!
I yelled at my son, "Get out of the Dirt!"
But seeing he was INSIDE perhaps I shouldn't be curt.
Did I whip them all soundly and send them to bed,
No I fed them fresh honey on commercial white bread!!!

Oh dear, Christmas is getting to me.  I wish I was more organised!  I love giving presents but this year, every time I hand one over there is an element of mentally ticking another job off the list.  If I could get organised earlier in the year it would be much more fun.

For example, yesterday, after giving some lavender biscuits to people, packaged in brown paper bags with a ribbon, I came up with this idea..........

How pretty do they look packaged in Muslin with pretty lavender flowers attached!  Of course, I'd given them out to women in the morning, and the male school bus driver was the recipient of this package!  Oh dear!

Kick, kick, kick...  That's me kicking myself for not being more organised!  My husband laughed at the thought of our bus driver receiving that present!

Oh dear!


Dani said...

Linda - I went seeking my Christmas pressie when I was a tiny tot. I found it. And knew what it was before the day. I had nothing to look forward to, and have not gone pressie seeking again. Pass this wise bit of advice on to your guys :)

Better honey on commercial bread, than no bread at all LO

Take a deep breath - count to 4 - and delegate. Man, and children - they can all help.

At the end of all the panic, I wish you a very, very merry, peaceful, contented Christmas :)

God Bless.

purplepear said...

Christmas Panic me thinks. I agree with Dani take a deep breath and know that we are all probably going through the same thing!
ps. The lavender bag looks very pretty.

Evi said...

Oh my, you are a hoot! Did you make up that awesome verse?

And I can totally commiserate - it's all getting a bit old hat,this Christmas thing...... I think I've been organising it for too long but have never really been on top of things until The Day!!
Always struggling to get it all together and dropping things off the list as it gets closer - 'we can forget this', 'not write cards this year', 'have shop bought bikkies for a change' etc etc

But, you know what I've learnt? It all matters little because if mama's smiling even though the rest is all bought or not done, the kids remember the nice bits and the goodness under the tree.
Who cares if you don't get the house cleaned or the soap is wrapped in paper or the daughter gets a tatt? (She's gonna have to live with that, it's all her stuff now!) Enjoy the bits you get done and enjoy the little kids and the man before they all grow up and the magic is gone.

Can you tell that I needed this pep talk myself?? hugs from another frantic Christmas mama x x x

Busy mum of 3 said...

Love the Christmas poem! We have had a busy last week of school etc followed by not 1 but 2 B'Day parties today. Tomorrow is to be a day of rest (but I don't see that happening, as my daughter has begged me to have a sleepover on Monday night which I agreed to in a moment of weakness!) 5 kids 6 days before Christmas...What was I thinking!!!

katef said...

That is a fab poem!
Pretty much sums up my life... except for the goats ;)

Linda said...

Well it sounds like everyone is doing it tough in this week leading up to Christmas. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Day filled with love and happiness. Hopefully all the frantic activity will come together on the day!

Kim said...

I think the lead up to Christmas is like this for everyone, though it seemed to have slowed down for us today. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Linda - your blog is just wonderful reading!