Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Down Side of Capable Kids

The other day I read a post about allowing children to help out and I agreed with every word!  If you want children to grow up to be happy, capable and feeling good about themselves, it's crucial that they be a contributing member of the family!

But there is a down side, and no, I don't mean the fact that jobs take longer initially in the teaching phases and that the clean up can be bigger if children help with a job.  I mean the fact that some kids don't know their limitations.

Master six is one of those children.  We truly rejoice about this aspect of his personality, because it is this independent streak that makes him so determined to keep working at a new skill until he masters it.  HOWEVER, sometimes I could pull my hair out!  He thinks there is nothing he can't do!  Yesterday we were baking biscuit people to decorate ready for Miss Four's birthday.  While the last batch cooked, I wizzed off to get ready for a dental appointment for me.  I had already dressed the kids in clean clothes and done their hair.

Now keep in mind I could barely breathe and was shaking like a leaf I am a bit nervous about dental appointments.  I returned to the kitchen to clean the bench and found this..........

Look at all the flour!
Needless to say, he was covered from head to toes in flour, just as we were about to race out the door.  So in my nervous, uptight state I had to take a deep breath and deal with the mess!

And then there was this morning......  Master six followed his morning list beautifully, as he is supposed to.  I checked on him while he was cleaning his teeth and found him in the bathroom, cleaning the sink with his father's shaving brush!  When he turned around I could see his eyes were sore.  He had applied sunscreen by himself, which I always let him do, but only while I'm there to supervise.

Both eyes were sore, but can you see the red one to the left of the photo?

Sometimes I open our outdoor wheelie bin to find Master Six has tidied the house for me, and thrown all the mess in the bin.  Usually the stuff he puts in is rubbish, but I have found dirty clothes, shoes, unread mail and even the brush and shovel in there at various times!

There is never a dull moment in this house.

So in summary, capable kids are time consuming, tiring but also absolutely rewarding!


purplepear said...

I know times like these can be a trial ( I was a special needs teacher in a previous life) but your post did make me smile!

Dani said...

Ah Linda - t'will get better. The learning curve of our little one's is a fraught one, there to try the nerves and staying power of many a mum.

Bless Master Six for his efforts :) - he can obviously only see that you need his help :)

Busy mum of 3 said...

Sorry for smiling at this post, mainly the cookie man standing up in the snow! But seriously I do feel your pain it can be so much easier to do it yourself sometimes.

Linn said...

Linda, I remember those days when Miss S (who is now 19) was 6. It was very hard work. She was a bit of a wanderer and got into all sorts of 'stuff'.
But let me reassure you..IT GOT A WHOLE LOT BETTER and easier as she grew older. She is now a beautiful young lady and is such a joy to be around and quite capable of 'helping' around the house.