Saturday, 7 January 2012

Me Boots

The other night I sat watching hubby polishing his new Redback boots.  (One of only two Australian made brands I could find with steel caps!)  I was enjoying mocking him as he applied leather seal because I don't ever fuss over mine - secretly I was impressed that he was looking after them so well, but don't tell him that.

So we began discussing how many years Me Boots had survived without me caring for them at all.  I had always loved lace ups and refused to wear elastic sided.  It was when I was pregnant with Miss Four that I gave in.  It was too hard to get to my feet around my large stomach to do up the laces (and I was ridiculously busy with her brother who was only about one.)  Sooooo, Me Boots are five years old.

I wear them almost every day.  I wear them with anything.  I love skirts and dresses and looking feminine but usually I wear Me Boots with them.  They even make great slippers!  The only times I wear decent looking shoes are if I go out, say to dinner or a friend's social occasion, or if I have a meeting.  Anywhere else, school, shopping etc., and I wear Me Boots.

Sadly they are Blundstones and have gone off shore, so I won't ever buy the same brand again.  So we got to discussing the value of Me Boots.  I paid sixty nine dollars for these boots, five years ago.  I figure that's one thousand eight hundred and twenty five days!  If I divide my sixty nine dollars into days, Me Boots have cost me just over three cents per day!!!  Not bad, hey!


Linn said...

Sounds like good value to me! Just bought our son a pair of work boots and didn't even look at where they were made. Will take a lesson out of your book next time and buy Australian made!!!

Evi said...

Linda, are you my twin? I too love my Blunnies and wear them with skirts, much to the kids disgust!!! I must say though that your white socks look better than my black ones with the pretty dress!!
We buy Rossi brand boots now - also Aussie made - luckily our local rural store now carries them since Blundstone went the way of too many of our icons.
And oh boy do I remember putting on shoes with a big belly....memories!!!

Julie said...

I bought a pair of Red Backs last year after many years of wearing Blunnies. They are the best boots, DH bought some after I raved about them, he wears his all day at work and thinks they're great too .... and I wear 'me boots' with anything as well.

Australian made for this girl!!

Have a great weekend :)

Busy mum of 3 said...

I had the best pair of blunstones some years back, but the sole perished! I replaced them, but the new boots have never been as comfortable as the old. I can't say I wear my boots anywhere but at home or camping, I'm a bit of a thongs girl, and I'm pretty proud of my "thong tan" since we came home from camping!

Linda said...

Linn, let's hope we CAN still find Australian made next time we need boots!

Yes Evi, I think I am your twin. It's why I enjoy your blog so much! Lucky you can get Rossis nearby.

Hi Julie, I have had Redbacks before and loved them but they don't last as long as Blunnies. Never mind, it's Redbacks for me when these ones finally die!

Hi Busy Mum, funny how we get stuck on our favourites. I couldn't bear wearing thongs coz that thing btwn my toes feels horrible! Glad you had fun camping!