Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Alternative and Sustainable Weekend

Saturday saw us at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.  It could have been fantastic but I was overly optomistic.  I thought it would be a great day out with the kids.  The reality was that I glanced wistfully at many interesting stalls as I raced around getting the hot and whingey kids drinks, ice creams, food and took them to the toilet.

By the end I was frustrated and grumpy so we left.  I did, however manage a quick hello to the spinners and weavers.
A basket of beautiful homespun wool!

The Spinners and Weavers creations

The next day it was off to the Sustainable Living Festival.  This time I was a bit wiser and I took only Miss Eight!
A little stop along the way!

I came across a fantastic idea.  A 'fix it' group!  A group of skilled people showing others how to mend their broken stuff instead of just throwing things away.  They are keen to to help establish groups elsewhere so if you are interested in beginning one near you, get in touch with them.  You can email them at fixitmelbourne@gmail.com
A table of repairs in progress
A table of busy sewing machines and overlockers

Then along came this!!!  A huge armchair with wheels, travelling along powered by solar!  It was towing a little cart which was a ..................

BAR! Music playing and everything.

I loved this stall.  The Bike and Blend.  You bought a smoothie, were handed a blender jug and then hopped on a bike and pedalled like mad to blend your smoothie!

These guys were all washing dishes so that disposable plates and cups were not needed.  I am assuming they were volunteers but I don't really know.  Isn't it great!

All topped off with a leisurely cruise up the Yarra with Miss Eight who had a lovely day feeling special.  It's not often just the two of us!


Dani said...

Oh, it looks like they were wonderful expo's. Wish I could've been there. And I LOVE the bike and blend - work off the calories before they're consumed LOL

Linn said...

I'd love to go to expos and festivals but have given up due to tired and grumpy kids who don't want to be there. Sometimes it is sooo much better just to take one child and have a 'special time' with them - they have a great time alone with mum and you get to have a great time with them and actually get to see 'stuff' that interests you. Looks like you did!

Christine said...

Oh the sustainable living festival looks fabulous Linda and so much easier after Seymour!! Where was it held? Loving that smoothie on a bike business, does that mean the calories are worked off before you've even started to drink it? ;)

purplepear said...

That looks fantastic. I wish I lived a little closer so I could go. One of my daughters managed to get there before flying up to visit with her very pregnant sister.

Linda said...

Hi Dani and Christine, Great minds think alike. Yes the bike is a great idea for pre-burning calories but I'd rather ride for a sticky date pudding and make it worth my while! The festival is annual and was on the same weekend as Seymour Expo last year too. It's at Fed Square along the river. Worth a visit.

Kate I wish you could go too. I would definately arrange to catch up with you if you did. I hope you have same baby news soon. I'm waiting with bated breath!
Linn, I was glad to hear from you. You've been a bit quiet lately. And yes I loved the one-on-one time. I'd do it every week if I could. It was like a holiday!

farmer_liz said...

I love the fix it group! That is an excellent idea to help make our resources last longer.