Saturday, 11 February 2012

Friends, School and New Gardeners

Our visitors have left for Mildura.....

Our boy had a great week at school!  Swimming on week one!!!

I'm a success as a parent, in my eyes, when my five year old grows wheat without me even knowing about it!  The world needs more gardeners!

Hubby and I even found time to watch a sunset.  We often glance at them as we rush around but this time we sat and watched!


Evi said...

hey, I've missed you! Was hoping everything was ok with you and yours..... other than the usual busy life of a mum!!
Love the sunset - isn't it amazing how many times we just rush past those beautiful sights without stopping to savour them? So glad you found the time to stop!

Astra said...

wow, thats amazing about your woofers, you did such a nice thing helping them out, they'll never forget that im sure! glad to that young man of yours is enjoying big school, its a tribute to you guys as parents how adaptable he is.

Linda said...

Thanks Evi, It's been pretty full-on in this house. We have focussed for five years on getting our boy school-ready, so it's a bit overwhelming to discover the time has come. Make or break time. I'm glad to say it was 'make time'. He is amazing as he marches confidently off to his mainstream school and he fits in beautifully! You'll be hearing more from me now as I gain the confidence to spend more time away from the school. Last week I was at the school every day to help with swimming. Ooops, this is turning into a post rather than a comment. Can you tell my emotions are running high?!

Astra, It was lovely to be in a position to help someone and we have made new friends. They keep in contact now. And thanks for your thoughts on our boy. He has made us so proud and we are really excited about this year. The school had a bush dance on Friday and he danced every dance!!! It's a joy to watch him.

Kim said...

So glad you little boy's school experiences were positive...well done to you as a mum for preparing him so well.