Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Pantry Tells a Story

For most of my adult life I have been interested in caring for the environment.  I have made soap, lotions and potions, tried to avoid chemicals and have had a hatred of supermarket bags.

An olive oil moisturiser in the making (almond oil, local olive oil, my beeswax)
However, it wasn't until I did my permaculture design course in 2009 that I gained an understanding of the weightier issues such as peak oil, food miles and the importance of buying local food and the terrible advantage we take of other people so we can afford to own heaps of stuff!

Anyway, once I had learned more, our lives changed dramatically.  We do heaps more cooking from scratch, have reduced our electricity usage and installed solar, have stopped buying cling wrap etc., etc.

Now, it must be said, I am not the world's best housewife!  On the weekend I cleaned out my pantry - a job that I had not done for a very long time!  When I saw the results I was delighted!  Once I threw out all the old packets of stuff that were past their use by date (that I no longer used because of all the preservatives etc.) my pantry looked completely different.  I was delighted to see that it was not just tidier, but reflects the way we live now.
The jumble on the door is made up of aprons and bags!
My pantry now houses good, healthy ingredients, not much prepackaged food, and the tools I use to create food from scratch.  We still buy packaged food of course, but we're buying flour in bulk, oats, milk powder etc.  Year by year, we are buying less packaged food as we learn new ways of doing things.

I would like to thank my fellow bloggers here, because I have been learning so much from you.  I get new ideas all the time on recipes, gardening, sourcing food and making things for the home.

I still have another cupboard full of tinned goods, spices and my baking powder, cocoa etc.  It is also full of packages that I haven't touched for ages.  I'm looking forward to giving that one a clean out too.  I suspect it will have a minimalistic look as well!

A more 'thought full' (no not a typo) life is much more satisfying than consumerism!


Kim said...

We are finding the same thing , Linda. The pantry looks so much nicer when you just have ingredients in it , rather than packages. And we are always learning to do it better...though sometimes we are naughty and buy important things like choc mint bisuits because everyone deserves a break now and then.
Keep up the great work.

angela said...

Good job on the pantry. I too am trying to live a more thoughtfull life and those around us just don't get it. But when I ask what they would do if disaster struck they all say they will come to me. HA I tell them to start thinking now,learn to cook from scratch and be a conscious shopper and disaster in their lives can be managed.

Linda said...

It does look nicer, doesn't it Kim? I'm running the op shops out of glass jars though! My Mum used to make some choc-peppermint biscuits. I'll ask her about it, but you're right, it's nice to have a break sometimes!

Hi Angela, how are you going? Good on you for asking other people about it! I'm too wussy because I don't want people to see me as a doomsdayer. I reckon we'd have people knocking on our door too, if disaster struck!

farmer_liz said...

That's a really nice post Linda! We are also going through the slow process of learning to produce more from home or source locally. I agree that the benefits of leading a thought full life definitely outweigh the extra work required. I wouldn't ever change back to my consumerist days.

jade said...

We'll definately becoming to your house!

Linda said...

Welcome Jade! I don't get it though! You're coming coz the pantry's tidy?!

Nice to have you as a follower. I don't know any of my other followers.

Linda said...

Hi Farmer Liz, It is a slow process isn't it. Still, if I had have cleaned my pantry sooner, I would have seen the progress we were making! Lol

jade said...

If disaster strikes, we're headed to your house!

Linda said...

And you would be more than welcome, though I suspect in a couple of years you will be more resourceful than I am! You've been learning at a great rate since you've been a Stay at Home Mum!