Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Making Fly Paper

I haven't used fly spray for over two years now.  I used to use it on spiders more than flies.  I have an absolute horror of spiders and my preferred method of dealing with them was to spray from a distance (while screaming loud, short, hysterical shrieks) and moving slowly closer.  Eventually they would end up being a slow moving white blob of foam.

Twas effective........  but I swore off use of chemicals, so the fly spray had to go!

Anyway, I'm telling this story because two weeks ago we were inundated with flies.  There seem to be more in the house than outside!!!

I asked hubby to look for a box of the flystrips we always use, but the supermarkets had stopped stocking them.  He offered to try the hardware but, because he was on his way home after a long day at work, I told him not to worry, just buy spray.  When he came home, I gave the kitchen a quick squirt (probably not even enough to harm a fly) and felt disgusted with myself.  I've put it away to give to someone that I know would be buying it anyway.

I decided to google fly paper.  The recipes are all pretty similar but I didn't have the exact ingredients suggested because we don't have white or brown sugar.  So this is my mix.........

  1. Mix half a cup of golden syrup and two tablespoons raw sugar in a lidded container.
  2. Cut strips of strong brown paper and lie them in the mix making sure it is well coated.
  3. Flip and coat the other side of the paper.
  4. Leave for about half an hour.

I poked holes in these and hung them from pieces of string.

Two flies landed as I went to get my camera but they have flown away again.  I rubbed the paper strips against the side of the container to remove excess goo but you can see they are still a bit drippy, so I put a cloth on the bench under them.

I hope they work!  I can't see why they wouldn't because they feel very sticky.  I will keep you updated but please let me know if you have a good way of dealing with flies.

Update - These fly strips definitely didn't work!  The flies would land on them, feast on sugar, and fly off again.  Eventually they just dried out but they never reached a stage of being sticky enough.


Evi said...

I'll be interested to see if this works, Linda - I made them once and the flies didn't stick!! I think the sweet stuff isn't sticky enough because they seem to be able to get away quite easily.
Just thinking....maybe molasses? The ones you buy are super sticky, just try getting them out of your hair!!!

Dani said...

We have a product here which is like a plastic bag with a lid ( The bag gets filled with a bit of meat, water is added, and as it rots it attracts the flies - who can get in - but can't get out. Smelly - but if you hang it outside it's not so bad.

And it works LOL

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Wow I never thought of making fly paper. Keep us updated.

Evi said...

I've been thinking about this ;o) - maybe if the sugar and golden syrup were cooked up till they became thick and gooey .... that may make it stickier?

Linda said...

Hi guys, It's been disastrous! The flies have loved my paper, flew up, had a free feed, and flew away again!

Evi, your comment made me laugh so much. I have got my hair caught in flypaper before too, but I had visitors at the time so was very embarrassed! I am going to try molasses next and if it doesn't work then some type of sugar syrup. If you come up with the perfect concoction please let me know.

Thanks Dani, Mum and Dad use similar to try and combat fruit flies. I will definately keep traps in mind, but I'm a bit determined to perfect home made fly paper!

Fiona, all I can say is don't rush out to make the above recipe! It's useless! But I will keep you informed if I can find the perfect recipe. :)