Friday, 16 March 2012

Storing Fruit and Vegetables Without a Fridge

This is fascinating!  I don't know enough about storing food without electricity or plastic containers. I love what this lady says about being able to see what food you have available.  I've never thought about it before but most of our food is hidden away from sight.  Yet another 'disconnect' between people and their food!


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

That is amazing. I am not sure how it would go in QLD but she is right we survived without fridges for a long time.

Tania said...

Fascinating. I can keep giant zucchinis, whole pumpkins, potatoes and onions in my darkish pantry for several weeks. I love to see what food I have out. I think I need to learn more about this, particularly for the Australian climate.
Loved the accent.

Linda Woodrow said...

That last line of hers - keeping the food in front of your eyes - that resounds for me. We have stand alone solar power, and fridges are big power consumers, so we have a teeny tiny fridge, and I think we waste less food because of it. Having vegetables in the garden helps, big fridges really tempt you to overstock on perishables and forget things. Too much to think about. A small fridge pushes you to develop a culinary style that is more inventive - what can I do with what I have. I love the bit of science in her approach too!

Evi said...

Hmm, great idea only I could just picture my entire wall filled with wood and glass boxes holding 70kg's of potatoes, several oversized zucchini and 3 cartons of gleaned apples!! Sorry, I got the giggles half way through but I actually do love the ascetical look of her veg on the wall!
But I am getting a larder in our extension and am looking into some sort of root cellar type thing down the line a bit...... probably better for my clan!

Dani said...

Linda - Brilliant - thanks for sharing. Also love the glass see-through effect :)

Linda said...

Yes Fiona, it would be harder to keep food unrefrigerated the warmer the climate.

Tania, my darkish pantry seems to get warmer than the rest of the house!

Linda, that line about keeping food in front of your eyes really struck me too! How often food goes soggy in the bottom of the crisper!

Evi I can just imagine your groaning walls, but I think you're just showing off now about larders and cellars and extentions and such!!! Lol

Dani it really is 'food for thought', isn't it?

I would love to know more about how food used to be stored before fridges and plastic containers. I keep thinking I should try and find a book about it!