Monday, 9 April 2012

The Easter Break

Here they go!  Leaving the city in droves and travelling up our highway!  Can you spot the country folk (taking the photo) leaving a huge gap.  You're not in town now folks.  It's ok to have a bit of space!  I reckon the 4WD, to our left, lives around here too.  LOL!

Belle, at the tender age of nine, asked if she could cook a cake for Easter.  I didn't interfere at all.  I just popped the cake in the oven and made the icing because it needed melting over a saucepan.  She did the rest without any input!

Not bad, hey?!
Can you hear what is going on just out of shot?  No!  Then let me show you!


And this!  'Twas a sugary frenzy!!!

Belle chose to cut back some plants in the garden, and you can just see Pumpkin through the gate, making mud cakes for her 'Chocolate Cafe'.

I used another of our pumpkins (huge) and made pumpkin scones, massive amounts of soup, and froze 6 cups of cooked pumpkin for future recipes. 

  I also made a huge mess! Does everyone else have this problem when processing pumpkin soup?

The scones were well received!  And wasn't our Victorian weather glorious for the start of Easter?

The weekend was topped off by a night sharing a meal with a couple of close friends.  The kids had a ball!  And do you know what we had for dinner?  You guessed it!  Pumpkin soup, followed by sausages and coleslaw with home made bread.

We had a great weekend!  Happy End of Easter everyone!!!


farmer_liz said...

Looks like you had a great time! Have to laugh at your comments about the traffic, we are terrible in the city now, leave too much gap on the motorway and you never get anywhere! With the pumpkin soup I use a stick blender (actually I only own a stick blender) and just blend it in the pot, as long as you remember to take your finger off the trigger before you lift it out, you can't make a mess.

purplepear said...

Like Farmer Liz, I use a stick blender. No mess! Clever young lady making her very own cake, beautifully decorated I must add.

Linda said...

Hi guys, I know you're right on the stick blender. I own a cheap one that does a terrible job. I don't feel comfortable going out and buying new appliances, but maybe, given the amount of cooking I do, I should?!

Christine said...

Ahh, what IS it about pumpkin soup that makes it create such a mess? A stick blender might well be the way to go..although I still manage to make a mess with one.

Looks like a lovely weekend was had by all. :)